We offer many services for various age groups however, geographical factors can determine what may be available to your young people.

Depending on your location, age and size of the audience services available are:

Prison! Me! No Way! Presentation

This can be delivered to all young people from ages 8 – 18, to a class size of up to 40 by a serving or retired Prison Officer, normally lasts around 1hour.  The workshop provides information about prison life and the effects. Suggested donations are around £100. (Contact

Cell Van Presentation

This is a Luton box van made into a replica cell. This resource visually presents an inmates living conditions.  This is again delivered to all age groups as an exhibit or a presentation.  We can work through large audiences on a scheduled basis.  Please note up to 12 people can be in the cell at any one time.  The basic cost starts from £320. This cost goes towards the management of the vehicle and ongoing developments. (Contact

DVD Resources

These can be purchased from our web page.

Crime & Safety Awareness Days

There are more details listed below but in brief; this is aimed at secondary schools  to a full year group.  This includes various workshops; anti social behaviour, knife crime, cell van, Child Exploitation Online Protection, Offender Insight and many more.  This full day costs £2500 outside London, £2750 in London, however please note the Trust MAY have small pots of funding to offset some of the costs. (Contact

Prison Visits (not widely available)

This is where a small group of young people above the age of 13 undertake a visit with a prison officer around a jail, currently only available in Yorkshire.  You will need to organise your own transport.  Sessions last around 1.5 hours and include a full tour of the visiting area, wings, segregation unit and a prison cell, they too meet and talk with an offender.(Contact

Offender Insight (not widely available)

This is where a serving or ex offender, accompanied by a PMNW member delivers a workshop about their life and time in prison. Aimed at ages 15 – 18. (Contact ).

If you think you need us to help your young people or what to know anything further on the above facilities please email the relevant person highlighted against the service.  Please advise of your location, audience size, group numbers (if applicable), age of the group, venue and all your contact details. We looking forward to hearing from you.



Our highly acclaimed multi-agency “Crime & Safety Awareness Days” further compliment the fields of learning offered. These popular days include, high impact workshops, role-plays, drama, a lot of fun, and often end with a pop concert. Young people are provided with a unique opportunity to learn in an innovative and active fashion about the possible consequences of becoming involved in antisocial or criminal behaviour. They are interactive, thought provoking and extremely impressionable. Awareness days are specifically designed for the young so they can associate with the message.

Audiences usually range from Year 8 to Year 10 pupils. The pupils visited by the Trust on “Crime & Safety Awareness Days” are removed from their normal daily school cycle and become isolated from other members of their peer group for the day and treated like offenders. They participate in exercise and meal routines, and are escorted from workshop to workshop as “actual offenders” are when moving round the prison! The programmes and resources used also help to redress the exaggerated and often-incorrect images of prison life portrayed through television and the media and any myths or misconceptions young people may have. These days encourage participants to respect the value of their freedom whilst experiencing the restrictive regimes of a real day in the life of an offender first hand. Presentations are not one-offs; they are intended to be repeated year on year and it is a vital aim of the No-Way Trust to develop these spectacular days further so that more schools can benefit from the opportunity to be involved in these unique events.

The continuing success of the project means we are getting more and more requests from schools to deliver this meaningful message.