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Jersey – Channel Online.tv

Funding concerns for Prison! Me! No Way!

Louisa Pilbeam reports. Movie footage courtesy Entertainment One Films

Organisers of a scheme that helps Jersey maintain one of the lowest levels of crime in the world, say it is important they secure their funding for the future.

Prison! Me! No Way! is a series of workshops where police officers and prison guards visit schools and tell youngsters the gritty truth of crime and prison.

The scheme costs £60,000 to run each year – a grant it gets from the States – but the financial backing is only secure for the next year.

Organisers of the project are concerned that with an election in 2014, the new government will not necessarily support it, and they say they are an important part of the ‘jigaw’ that helps keep youth crime low in the island.

Crime levels among young people in Jersey are at their lowest level – dropping a third last year on the year before. A total of 211 offences were committed by young people last year; 132 fewer than in 2011 and more than three times fewer than in 2009.

Jersey’s Magistrates Court Annual Report for 2012 also showed that the workload within the Youth Court had declined dramatically year on year, with 71 cases being dealt with in 2012, compared to 179 in 2011. That is a huge decrease of 60% compared to 2011, when the level itself was the lowest since the 1990s.