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A new approach to the YAG (Youth advisory group) project is currently underway, it is very similar to the previous Youth Panel which used to be in place. The Youth Advisory Group has been put in place to assist Prison Me No Way! in the development and improvement of the Crime and Safety Awareness days which are held at different schools to educate kids on the causes and consequences of crime across the country and the Trust’s marketing materials and events. It is run by Emma Wray, Abigail Jesper and Fiona Stamford. Abigail and Fiona are running the YAG alongside attending university.  

We, the YAG are the voice of the young people and it is our job to attend these days in order to issue feedback for the overall experience of the day. Our main aim is to make the Crime and Safety Awareness days the most beneficial and relatable to the youth as we can. The YAGs new approach is still in the early stages of development but we are currently working with school youth councils with set tasks and activities. The first task will be pupil research; asking anonymously pupils about issues on drugs, weapons, if they have been a victim of crime and their thoughts on tackling crime.

So far the YAG have attended 60 Crime and Safety Awareness days in order to give feedback on the workshops, for example, what they liked and how they could be improved to be the most beneficial and effective. A presentation also took place informing other members of the Trust what the YAG’s main aim was as it became clear that there was little understanding as to the actual purpose of the YAG. We feel that the presentation was one of the most help things that could have taken place as it has encouraged everyone involved within the trust to work as a team to make the experience for the youth the best that we can offer.

In the next 12 months our aim is to become more established in the local area by gaining more members who will help us in educating more young people about crime and also for local schools to take part in set tasks mapped out across the year which will help the trust gain vital research but also be enjoyable for the YAG members involved. We continue to look for eager volunteers to help us run and assist in helping coordinate different tasks for the schools involved, attend crime and safety awareness days and also take part in different tasks for research.

Watch this space to see how the YAG gets on!