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Anthony Taylor- Patron Message

Anthony Taylor- Patron Message

I am delighted to be writing this in the knowledge that the No Way Trust has just secured a significant grant from the Masonic Charitable Foundation Community Awards. It is a great testament to all involved that the trust was the outright regional winner securing the most votes. This will enable us to discount the costs incurred in staging the crime and safety awareness days across the country and will continue to support the unrivalled and passionate work that all of you continue to deliver on behalf of the trust.


Recently I spent some time officiating at the U17 World Cup in India, and had the opportunity to travel to parts of the country where many are less fortunate than ourselves. One thing that struck me was how new opportunities are opening to the wider population who face many different challenges in their daily lives. This led me to draw parallels with the work that PMNW does with young people. Opening of opportunities and encouraging positive change.


All that is needed is a bit of inspiration and guidance. Two significant qualities that you as part of the PMNW team constantly offer to young people in delivering the inspirational work encouraging them to make positive changes to their lives.


The award of the £25,000 grant is a huge testament to the work you all do and having worked with many of you in the past on crime days, never forget that you are a special group of individuals who are doing amazing work.


Encouraging young people to be the best they can be and learning to dream big is core to what we do. The ongoing success of PMNW is only possible due to you, the volunteers, who through your energy, enthusiasm and desire continually make a difference to young people’s lives. This you should be immensely proud of.


I for one am delighted to be associated with and support the fantastic work that you all do on behalf of PMNW. You are all remarkable people. Keep up the incredible work.


Very best wishes