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Beckfoot Upper Heaton- 1.11.18

Beckfoot Upper Heaton- 1.11.18

Beckfoot Upper Heaton. 1/11/18.


The PMNW team including supporting agencies attended Beckfoot Upper Heaton School on 1/11/18.

Previously all boys, the school now has an intake of girls. My thanks goes to Miss Armitage for inviting us in to the school.

Thanks to the following staff and agencies.

Abbie from Red Cross.

Steve who presented his Life Sentence workshop.

Ben brought along his Harassment and Relationship workshop.

Larry and Dennis presented the Prison Life workshop that included a trip to the cell van.

Neil reproduced a Youth Court with his You Be The Judge workshop.

An absolutely fantastic day had by all concerned.

We looked forward to returning next year.

Pat Tuohy.