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Beverley Grammar School Crime and Safety Awareness Day 11/03/15

The 11th March 2015 saw the first Crime and Safety Awareness Day at Beverley Grammar for a long time.  Beverley Grammar is the oldest school in England, dating back to 700 AD. It is an all boys school.  We were presenting to Year 9.

Nichola Warsop was there to greet me at 7 AM whereby we discussed the forthcoming day.  She advised me that she was excited as much as the boys were.  The rest of the PMNW team arrived at approximately 730 AM and quickly went about their business of preparing for the day as I got on with putting classroom signs up etc.

The day began in the Hall at 850 AM with the launch in front of 140 excited year 9 boys.

The launch concluded as I discharged my ‘prisoners for the day’ to their first workshops.

At morning break all the workshop facilitators gathered for coffee and echoed what a great day they were having with all the young people getting involved in the day.

We ate an excellent lunch with the pupils.  Thanks must go to the caterers who fed us handsomely.

The afternoon workshops came and went too quickly really and before you knew it we were regathering for the Finale.

The boys in no uncertain terms said they had enjoyed the day, nearly taking the roof off the hall.

Prizes given out and thank you’ s done it was time to depart.

Everyone, teachers, pupils and facilitators agreed that it had been a fantastic day.

We all look forward to visiting the school again very soon.

Thanks must go to Nichola the lead teacher on the day as well as all the magistrates and PMNW staff who once again did the Trust proud.

Pat Tuohy.

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