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All of our services are aimed entirely at raising awareness among young people about the causes, consequences and penalties of crime.

Working right across the UK, PMNW! can provide tried and tested services for various age ranges, class sizes and educational needs. Geographical factors may determine what is available, depending on where you are, the age range and size of the audience.

If you think you need the Trust to help your young people or want to know anything further please complete this form or call 01482 224382.

The Trust is looking forward to hearing from you!

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Crime & Safety Awareness Day

Primarily aimed at secondary schools and delivered to a full year group, there is a wide variety of workshops available including: anti-social behaviour, knife crime, cell van, child exploitation online protection, offender insight and many more.

PMNW presentation

This can be delivered by a serving or retired Prison Officer and normally lasts around one hour. The workshop presentation for eight to 18-year-olds provides information about prison life and its effects.

Cell Van

It might not be possible to visit a prison, so why not let us bring prison to you? This is a replica cell adapted to fit inside a long van with a large box fitted on the back. This resource visually presents inmates’ living conditions and can delivered to all age groups as an exhibit or a presentation.

Ex/Serving Prisoner Presentation

A thought-provoking bespoke presentation delivered by either a serving prisoner, (accompanied by a PMNW member) or an ex prisoner (not accompanied) will give a full and honest account of their lifestyle choices which led to their imprisonment and the effects this has had on themselves, their family and their future. There is no glorifying of crime throughout the presentation. Aimed at 15 – 18 year olds.  The presentation lasts around 1 hour and can be delivered to groups of up to 30. This can be repeated to several groups over the day.  1:1 interventions are also available upon request. During the presentation questions are welcomed from the young people.

Your Choice Day – Primary Age

Aimed at primary age and will solely focus on the prevalent local issues relevant to their age group and above all FUN!

Justice Day – PRU-YOS

PMNW was created to break the cycle of young people returning continually to prison. PMNW tries to allow young people to have the right information for them to make the right choices in an ever increasingly fast paced world yet understands through experienced Prison Officers and other criminal justice field workers that the lives of those young people are often very complex themselves.

DVD resources (Coming soon)

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