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Cell Van – Presentation/Exhibit

This is quite literally a prison cell on wheels

The life size replica and fully furnished prison cell has been adapted to fit inside a Luton Box Van. It visually and realistically presents inmates’ living conditions and cell contents and can be delivered to all age groups. It can be used either as a standalone exhibit or combined with a prison officer’s presentation, giving an overview of how crime and prison affects the offender, their families and the victims of the crime. 

Up to 12 people can be in the cell at any one time, with larger audiences scheduled in. We have three vans available stationed around the North of England and South Lincolnshire. The dimensions are 3m high x 2m wide x 6m long with a maximum weight three tonnes, fully loaded, though rarely ever likely to get that heavy! Please note the Cell Van and presentation is subject to availability.

The cost will vary according to your requirement and location.  The flat day hire starts at £550.00. You can book through Kaye Stamford on 01482 224382 or 07834789148. Email: kaye.stamford@pmnw.co.uk.