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Justice Day

Justice Day - PRU/YOS

PMNW was created to break the cycle of young people returning continually to prison. PMNW tries to allow young people to have the right information for them to make the right choices in an ever increasingly fast paced world yet understands through experienced Prison Officers and other criminal justice field workers that the lives of those young people are often very complex themselves.

PMNW by its nature specialises in trying to help young people who have been taken out of the school environment and are in either Special or Pupil Referral Units. We have created a Justice Day which is tailor made to help those youngsters who have been excluded from the ‘normal’ school environments’. These days are proving to be more and more popular with both the student and teachers, carers, guardians and parents’.

The Justice Day looks at targeting issues identified by the teaching staff on behalf of the young people so that following the day they will be equipped to seriously look at their next step in life.

To book or find out more, please email kaye.stamford@pmnw.co.uk or call 01482 224382 or 07834789148