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Bradford pupils look at ‘locked up’ life in jail

Students at a Bradford school were locked up in a mock prison cell to experience what it’s like to be in jail. The ‘Prison Me, No Way’ campaign visited Oasis Academy Lister Park and ran workshops with pupils in year eight.

A spokesman for the school said: “Students were ‘locked up’ in a mock-up of a prison cell to experience and understand just how small and limiting prison cells are.

“They also met and questioned a real-life prisoner who is currently serving time for a serious offence but who is due for release soon. They found it hard to comprehend that this prisoner did not know how to use an iPhone because he was imprisoned before they were invented.”

Pupils also attended a car safety workshop, a gang and knife crime workshop, and an ASBO and fire safety session. The spokesman added: “The sessions were hard- hitting, realistic and honest but our students enjoyed the experience, especially meeting the real life prisoner who was candid and honest and made them think about the consequences of crime.”