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Bradford Summer Camp 2013

This may seem some time ago but the event was such a great event of the year, we want to share the success:

Bradford Summer was an initiative for local Bradford youngsters to get involved, learn and take part in more positive activities and stay off the streets during the long summer break. The days ran from Monday 12th August to Friday 23rd August 2013. It has been a huge success with anti-social behaviour down by as much as 42% in comparison to the same period in 2012.

So who was involved, how did it happen and what happened …. Chris Cahill, West Yorkshire Police PCSO and Summer Camp Operations Manager and Nosheen Qamer, Bradford College and Summer Camp Operations Manager were the lead organisers, other members of the management team were:

  • Emma Smith (Bradford College and Summer Camp Staff Manager),
  • Leanne Wright (Prism Youth Project and Summer Camp Safeguarding Leader),
  • Louisa Gallagher (WYP Special Constable and Young People Team Leader- 9-11 yr olds),
  • Samuel Brown (WYP PCSO and Young People Team Leader- 12- 15 yr olds)
  • Sharon Malone (Places for People and Summer Camp Behaviour Management Leader) All

All in all 51 staff members from an array of different local agencies supported the weeks. Agencies such as police, explorers, college, NACRO, P4P, Prism and many volunteers.

The whole camp took place in and around Bradford College, Trinity Green. Week 1 saw 233 young people engage with the activities and week too saw 226 young people, all from across Bradford.

Activities were based on 3 themes, educations, sports, and having fun!!:


  • Fire Service- live chip pan demonstration/ seat belt demonstration
  • First Aid
  • Council Recycling Workshop
  • Prison! Me No! Way! a prison cell van and ASB wall activities. (prison van- an actual size prison cell built into the back of a van that youngsters can get in to and experience how awful prison life would be- found it had a big impact on their perceptions of prison life)
  • Drill with NACRO
  • Healthy Cooking with ministry of food
  • Police dog section
  • Armed response vehicles and an Emergency Services Road show (police vehicles, horses, council vehicles etc)


  • Rugby,
  • Football,
  • American football,
  • Dance,
  • Cricket,
  • Archery,
  • Self-defence,
  • Climbing,
  • Abseiling,
  • Team building


  • 140 inflatable assault course,
  • Rodeo bull,
  • Swimming,
  • X- Box tournament
  • Daily staff challenges ending with a ‘bush tucker trial’ and PCSO Sam Brown being gunged at the awards ceremony!!!!


  • o muddy fox bikes,
  • scooters,
  • vouchers,
  • IPods,
  • medals.



West Yorkshire Police- PCSO Cahill said it was ‘A very positive experience for youngsters and staff. We managed to engage with 460 families this year and that will have assisted in breaking down any barriers between the police and the communities. The information being taken home via the activities, homework and leaflets will filter down to parents and will impact on community safety in the long term.’

Bradford College- Nosheen Qamer- ‘The response from youngsters and parents has been phenomenal- they have actually taken the time out to email us to thank us which makes it all worthwhile.’



  • Kayne and Cherie Briggs- Kayne attended a first aid session on Monday 12th August.
  • On eve of Tuesday 13th he and his mum were having dinner when she choked on a
  • piece of food. He administered the Heimlich Manoeuvre and saved her life. They
  • appeared on Look North (as did Chris Cahill), story been reported by St Johns as
  • well as other media outlets. WELL DONE KAYNE!