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Broadfield Community Primary School, Rochdale- Your Choice Day

Broadfield Community Primary School, Rochdale- Your Choice Day



The PMNW team carried out their very first ‘Your Choice’ Day in Rochdale on 6th December 2017 at Broadfield Community Primary School, the venue being chosen by our loyal sponsors Rochdale Boroughwide Housing.

The two classes of Year 6 pupils had never experienced anything like it before and as they entered the Hall for the launch were really excited and no doubt keen to find out more.  Following the launch they returned to their classes and this is what they experienced:-

1). Social Media – this workshop focussed upon how careful the children need to be when using the internet and other forms of communication and how to get help if they felt threatened by anything they saw or heard;

Teacher comment: “Allowed lots of time for questions, gave good feedback to each question. Age appropriate videos used to give information”.

2). Network Rail – this workshop concentrated on how a common form of transport within the local community is not only a resource to be used but also a potential danger if abused;

Teacher comment: “Really well presented and kept the children engaged! Lots of good questions and useful information for the children. Video at the end was useful too”.

3). Prison Life – this workshop gave the pupils a real insight into life in prison and how the many things we all take for granted such as ‘freedom and choice’ are words not found in the prison ‘dictionary’;

Teacher comment: “Really engaging delivery – Great relationships built with the children very quickly. Mobile prison cell very good for students to see what life would be like”.

4). Drugs Awareness – this workshop highlighted the dangers and consequences not only of illegal drugs but also drugs that could be easily accessible on a daily basis;

Teacher comment: “Good resources to allow kids to discuss their knowledge and share ideas”.

Many thanks to the Deputy Head Teacher Mrs Holt for her assistance throughout the planning process which allowed the event to run without a hitch. Her overall comments on the day was “A really informative day that engaged even the most challenging of children. Thank you”.

Also to the Year 6 class teachers Mr Mansey (6M) and Mrs Holt and her colleague Mrs Melling (6HM).

Thanks to the following personnel for facilitating the workshops:

Social Media: Graham Chapman;                                                        Network Rail: Nick Jordan;                                                       Prison Life: Ian Revell (classroom) and Graham Chapman (mobile cell);                                                                                           Drugs Awareness: Pat Tuohy.

Finally to all the pupils in Year 6 who, without exception, showed a great deal of enthusiasm and inquisitiveness to quench their thirst for knowledge and understanding. What a mature group of young people they really are !

We hope their experience was enjoyable, stimulating and memorable and will help them to make those ever-important right choices each day.

Phil Wilson – ‘Your Choice’ Day Lead and Director of Community Liaison.