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Hessle High School

The 26th February 2016 saw our annual trip to Hessle High School.   How things change in 12 months. The old school has gone and it’s the dawn of a new era for pupils and teachers alike as they are now in a brand new state of the art building.   The day opened in the […]

Monks Dyke Tennyson College

Monks Dyke Tennyson College. Crime & Safety Awareness Day. Monday 8th February 2016 Coordinated by Graham Chapman. This was the first time PMNW had visited Monks Dyke Tennyson College. The day was presented to 160 students and all personnel at the college, years & 11 students in 7 tutor groups. The topics of the day were […]

Hornsea Crime and Safety Awareness Day

The 22nd February 2016 saw the PMNW team pay our yearly visit to Hornsea school.  My thanks must firstly go to lead teacher on the day Mrs Mason. A great help in organising the event. I would like to thank the following agencies who have yet again risen to the challenge of getting over the serious […]

Swallow Hill Community College

Friday 22nd January saw the second crime day at Swallow Hill Community College. The day consisted of 6 workshops, The Street hosted by Kath and Ollie. EMS (Electronic Monitering System) facilitated by Neal Madden. Choices and Consequences presented By Jane, Matthew and Warren. Drugs presented by Steve. Prison Life hosted by Barrie and Rev and […]

Highs Exposed

highs.exposed – a new campaign being launched on Mon 18th January 2016 This is a partnership campaign which will be promoted under the brand name highs.exposed and has been designed and developed between: Prison! Me! No Way!!! Jersey, States of Jersey Police, Prison, Ambulance and Customs and Immigration Services. This high profile campaign is designed […]

Hall Park Academy

To view this article please click on the link below by “Eastwood Advertiser”   http://www.eastwoodadvertiser.co.uk/news/local/pupils-were-given-a-taste-of-what-life-is-like-behind-bars-1-7661792

Malet Lambert

The 16th December 2015 the PMNW team returned to Malet Lambert. The day opened in front of 300 year nine pupils.  After showing our new opening DVD’s the pupils were discharged to their first workshops.  Once again I must say a great thank you to the agencies that not only supported me today but that […]

Mossbourne Academy

Crime & Safety Awareness Day.    Thursday 19th November 2015 Coordinated by Graham Chapman. This was the 3rd consecutive year Mossbourne have received  PMNW services. The day was presented to 207 Year 9 students in 8 tutor groups. The topics of the day were as follows. The Launch which included a DVD and presentation on internet […]

Newland Girls School

Today the 7th December 2015, saw the PMNW team visit NEWLAND Girls school for the second time this year. The day started in front of 146 year 8 students gathered in the hall. After showing our two new dvd’s I discharged them to their respective workshops. My thanks must go to the agencies that supported […]