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Sirius Academy Crime and Safety Awareness day 25/6/15

It was the 25th June And the PMNW team and various agencies arrived at Sirius Academy in Hull. The day opened with ‘Deans Story’ which certainly gave the year 9 pupils something to think about . Prison dogs Billie and Dobbie bought their trainer Paul along to present the Prison Dog workshop. The pupils particularly […]

Beverley Grammar School

On the 16th June an excited Prison Me No Way Team returned to Beverley Grammar School however on this occasion they where presenting to 140 year 10 students not the usual year 9s. The day was a huge success and ran very smoothly, massive thanks go to Nichola Warsop who organized Prison Me No Way […]

Prison Me No Way Roadshow Friday 12th June 2015

Thankyou so much to Gerry and Matthew for their recent visit to our school sites. Gerry set the scene introducing Matthew. Sitting on a desk, swinging his legs, Matthew began with his story of how he got involved in crime from a young age, how it affected his education and his sporting aspirations as a […]

Redemption And Justice Award 2015

Wonderful news; The No Way Trust has been nominated for a prestigious ‘No Offence’ Redemption and Justice Award; and I am delighted to announce that the Trust has been selected as one of three finalists in the category of ‘Employer’ for ‘Creating opportunities for those with a criminal conviction to gain employment’. To view the […]

Matthew and Gerry Tell It Like It Is !!

Prison Me! No Way – a review It was a warm April evening when the ‘Prison Me! No Way’ van rolled in to the Heanor Blend car park. Matthew, an ex-offender from Manchester, and Gerry, an ex-Prison Officer, climbed out of the van and were greeted by a throng of young people waiting to hear […]

Cottingham High School Crime and Safety Awareness Day

On the 24th April the Prison Me No Way Team had their yearly visit to Cottingham High School in Hull. This year the Crime And Safety Awareness Day comprised of the Magistrates, BUSWISE, Mick Longstaff with an offender from Low Newton and Prison Dog Team. All the agencies along with the year 8 pupils and […]

Buckingham Palace Invitation

Congratulations to Graham Holgate who has received an invite from Buckingham Palace to attend the Queens Garden Party in recognition of his commitment and the sterling work he has done for the Prison Service, residents at Askham Grange and the general public both in his role as a Prison Officer and for the significant contribution […]