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Engaging with Young People

Engaging with Young People

Part of my role at the Hull Youth Justice Office (HYJS), is to meet young offenders who have been given an order from court. For example this could be a referral order for 6 months or Youth rehabilitation order for 18 months. About 2 years ago I met with a young man who had just […]

PMNW Newsletter – youth panel

Hello, we are the PMNW youth panel. We were set up in November 2013 and we are an integral feature of the trust’s long term strategy. We are in place to help the trust evolve as what is essentially a youth centred organisation. Our basic aim is to provide the youth panel with a young […]

Ambassadors Blog: Edwina Grosvenor

PMNW is fun, exciting, educational and inspirational and, having been around the prison service for many years now, I feel very honoured to be part of this exceptional organisation. I have also been involved with the Clink restaurant now since its conception almost four years ago. I invested in it at the very beginning and […]

Prison! Me! No-Way! SCOTLAND!

Chief Executive of The No Way Trust states ‘Since the 20th Anniversary celebrations in April 2013 we have been working tirelessly to bring Crime and Safety Awareness Days back to Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. I am now delighted to announce that after a great deal of effort and support from many wonderfully dedicated people […]

Bradford Summer Camp 2013

This may seem some time ago but the event was such a great event of the year, we want to share the success: Bradford Summer was an initiative for local Bradford youngsters to get involved, learn and take part in more positive activities and stay off the streets during the long summer break. The days […]

Thank you Jenny!

As I leave public life!!!, I have been asked to write of my connection with PMNW. I retired from teaching in 1998 and was asked to run the magistrates schools project. At the time I was also promoting Rock Challenge and through visiting a school with PC Kate Atkins, I stumbled upon a Crime Day. […]

Out of control

A BBC ONE’S first wholly improvised drama and focuses on the lives of the three teenagers sent to a young offenders’ institution. Part 1: Dean’s Story – is suitable for Year 8 and above. Part 2: Sam & Danny’s Story – is recommended for those aged 15 and above. Part 3: The Final Outcome – […]

Jersey – Channel Online.tv

Jersey – Channel Online.tv

Funding concerns for Prison! Me! No Way! Louisa Pilbeam reports. Movie footage courtesy Entertainment One Films http://www.channelonline.tv/channelonline_jerseynews/displayarticle.asp?id=507820 Organisers of a scheme that helps Jersey maintain one of the lowest levels of crime in the world, say it is important they secure their funding for the future. Prison! Me! No Way! is a series of workshops […]

About Broxtowe Borough Council

About Broxtowe Borough Council

Prison Me, No Way 19/04/2013 – Children at Chilwell comprehensive will attend a special ‘Prison Me – No Way’ session next month to help raise awareness amongst young people about the causes, consequences and penalties of crime and the effects of antisocial behaviour. The sessions, run by prison officers, are just one of a number […]