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Charity seeks to recruit retired police officers

Charity seeks to recruit retired police officers

Prison Me No Way (PMNW) is an award winning national educational charity which aims to deter young people from crime by dispelling the myths about prison fostered by popular culture and countering the peer group pressures which may lead them into anti social behaviour.

The charity was founded by prison offers who were concerned about the number of young people coming into prison and wanted to do something practical to reduce this.

The high impact presentations and events they developed have been highly commended by educationalists and police forces and are very well received by the young people. Close to rive million young people have now been reached by PMNW but the need now is greater than ever.

The charity has an ambitious plan to double in size over three years. The special events are mainly facilitated by prison officers acting as volunteers.To help the expansion plan PMNW is now also targeting retired police officers as potential volunteers. Full training is given and all expenses paid