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Cottingham High School Crime and Safety Awareness Day

On the 24th April the Prison Me No Way Team had their yearly visit to Cottingham High School in Hull. This year the Crime And Safety Awareness Day comprised of the Magistrates, BUSWISE, Mick Longstaff with an offender from Low Newton and Prison Dog Team.

All the agencies along with the year 8 pupils and teachers gathered in the hall for the launch of the day!

After the launch, pupils were discharged to the various workshops with excitement on their faces! At break time everyone gathered for coffee/tea, expertly made by Linda as usual, who also provided the buns.

The day concluded as it started, in the hall for the prize giving and finale. The day had been a big success thanks to the great input the pupils had given during the workshops. Everyone agreed that the pupils were a credit to their school and their behaviour was exemplary. My thanks goes to everybody involved in the day including Mrs Wing and Miss Sergeant who organised everything from the school point of view.

We look forward to returning next year.

Pat Tuohy. coordinator.

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