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Driffield Crime Day- 30th November 2017

Driffield Crime Day- 30th November 2017

Crime and Safety Awareness Day Driffield. 30/11/17.


After a delayed start due to inclement weather the crime day eventually got underway.


I would like to thank Mrs Wilkinson at the school for organising the day and making sure everyone knew where they should have been.


Also, my thanks go to the following agencies/PMNW team.


Magistrates team. Sandra, Steve, Ray and Robin.


One Life. Steve.


Fire Service. Walter and David.


Network Rail. Vicki.


BUSWISE. David, Julie and Christian.


Choices. Graham and the ladies from Askham Grange.


Prison Life. Rev, Mike and Ben.


Street Life. Ollie and Kath.


Out of Control. Gerry.


Everyone concerned in the day need a massive pat on the back for battling through the snow so as to give the year 9 pupils at Driffield a fantastic day. My sincere thanks.


Pat Tuohy