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Driffield School 12th November

The 12th November 2015 the PMNW team and various agencies entertained the Year 9’s at Driffield school. Their Crime and Safety Awareness started off in the West Hall with two new DVD’s about how choices and decisions that are made affect people’s lives. The DVD’s look at Legal Highs and the affect they have on the drug users and their families.

My thanks goes to all PMNW staff who as usual did a truly professional job. A new workshop was piloted at Driffield, ‘Nikita’s Story’. Facilitated by Paul,Emma and Nikita. It tells the story of how things went tragically wrong one day when Nikita decided to do something that I am sure all of us of people do everyday of the week.  The workshop got some brilliant feedback.

My thanks also goes to Kath and Olliie on the Street Scene, Barrie on CEOP, Mike and Bob on Prison Industries and Bullying and Rev and Tony on Prison Life and Cell Van.

Graham brought his girls from Askham and Jane and Malc brought Matthew along from Hatfield.

Thanks to Paul and Simon our for putting on the ever popular Search Dog workshop.  Thanks also to Billy and Dobbie, Paul’s dogs who did all the work. Simon is our newest volunteer.

Linda and Becky put on their St John workshop which is always popular.

Sandra and her colleagues facilitated their excellent Magistrates workshop.

Sandra, Damian and David put on their BUSWISE workshop.

My thanks goes to Mrs Cooper and Mrs Wilkinson the lead teachers who organised the school side of the day and last but not least Tim, the site manager who was on site to make sure everything was ready for the team when we arrived.

As usual the year 9 pupil’s acted impeccably and they are a credit to the uniform of Driffield.

The day ended back in the West hall for prize giving and thank you’s. The pupils entered the hall to the sounds of M People’s ‘ Proud’.  They were soon singing along to it as were the staff.

We all look forward to returning to Driffield in 2016.