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Durham PCVC’s Celebration of Local Heroes

Durham PCVC’s Celebration of Local Heroes

Durham PCVC’s Celebration of Local Heroes

Saturday 28th October 2017

I was accompanied to the above event by Kath, Ollie and Dave (The Wiz) Witt on a cold, very windy day at The National Railway Museum in Shildon, Co Durham. Dave and I turned up at 07:45 only to find that Kath and Ollie had already set up our cell van in a prime position.

As the event was not open to the public until 10:00 it gave us all an opportunity to look around the museum. As you can imagine the ‘boys’ (Ollie and Dave) were in their element recalling days past when looking at the “chucha puffers”…………. oh alright, so was I !!!!!!!!

Once the event started we never stopped all day. The number of people attending, (estimated at 10,000) young and old, who wanted to see inside the cell van was a constant stream.

Have I already mentioned, it was a very cold and windy day and poor Kath and little old me had to stand outside while Ollie and Dave hogged the van? They kept out of the very cold wind taking turns to talk to the visitors.

The event was scheduled to close at 15:00 so the exhibitors had the opportunity to dismantle their stalls/exhibits. While others were clearing away, we still had a queue waiting, so we over-ran slightly which gave us all a huge lift, which made me forget about the cold and windy day!!!!

See below a letter to me from Ron Hogg, Durham Police, Crime and Victims Commissioner

I would like to echo Ron’s words by expressing my appreciation so many thanks to Kath, Ollie and The Wiz for supporting me and PMNW and giving up their valuable time off for this event.