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EX Offender Insights – Matthew Norford

I work for PMNW! and tell my story to youngsters to help them make the right decisions and know the consequences of their actions.

The whole day is set out brilliantly with a powerful message and in a way that the kids get.

I love working for PMNW! – all the staff are lovely and we all pull towards the same goal.

As a motivational speaker I feel it’s very important that we intervene early when preventing younger people from joining gangs. Gang culture is spreading throughout our communities and each year gang members are joining at a younger age.

I served a long prison sentence and have personal experience of being involved in gangs from a young age, helping me to understand how younger people think and act.

All of this has given me an insight into what motivates them into joining gangs and gives me an advantage in understanding how to motivate these young people into not joining gangs, enabling them to have a mind of their own.

I feel that using my life experience as an example is very powerful and an eye opener for young people, allowing them to hear and face the reality of negative outcomes…

Being part of the solution is my aim…