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‘We got to interact with a real life prisoner which helps us focus on our futures, It was interesting to learn how quickly Woody’s life took a turn for the worse with one stupid decision.’


Havelock Academy

‘Thank you for telling me about prison. I now know not to go into prison and I am going to help people instead of bullying. Thank you for your time.’

Havelock Academy

‘PMNW was really fun and interesting to listen to. My personal favourite session was a tie between Woody’s story and the YMCA. The YMCA helped me feel more comfortable about my mental illnesses and helped me understand that it is okay to be not to be okay. Woody’s story helped me realise that if you think too quickly, you will make stupid mistakes especially when drugs and alcohol are involved. I personally thank you for coming in today and helping us learn and understand things we didn’t before.’

Havelock Academy

Search dogs

“Excellent interaction with dogs very valuable to see how prison dogs act”

“kids curiously involved in dog searches. They got to learn the difference between passive and active searches.”

Teacher- Fulham Girls

Magistrates Workshop – Really good and detailed information given on how a court works. It made the students think and interact with the court magistrates. Good humour to put the students at ease. Very interesting for both the students and myself.

Teacher – Hessle High School

Northern Power Workshop – ‘Very valuable, pupils engaged throughout. Especially one student who then admitted to stealing copper in the past.’

‘A very valuable and gripping exercise. Excellent knowledge and understanding shown by facilitator. Lots of good questions and interaction from students.’

Teacher – North Durham School

The Choices Workshop gave an absolutely amazing insight into how a day to day situation can result in prison if you don’t take charge of your actions. Class was gripped by it.

Teacher- George Pindar School

Choices & Consequences – “I learnt that it is important to think about choices and speak about your feelings before they build up. It made me think about how small choices can have a big impact on the consequences.”

Pupil - Penair School

Street Scene Workshop – Presenters are so relaxed and approachable. The students were happy to listen and join in with the activities. It was well pitched and contained good links to behaviour and respect in class.

It also had hard-hitting facts about juvenile crime and how relatively easily students can drop into antisocial behaviour.

Teacher - Taxford Academy

Road Safety Workshop –  Very valuable and interactive session to challenge pupils perceptions of safety and the impact of their own choices.

Teacher - Taxford Academy

Could I just say a huge Thanks to Anthony yesterday, he is fantastic!! Our students engaged so well! He is a credit to your Team.

I would highly recommend Anthony to other provisions.

Teacher - St Matthew’s RC High School

As always, it’s been an absolute delight having Rev in school today.  His professionalism, his knowledge, his rapport and understanding of the students is outstanding. Every session he delivers is powerful and gets a clear and relevant message to our vulnerable students.  They all respect Rev and love listening to what he’s saying – after the sessions they talk about him in such a positive light.  I cannot thank PMNW for the service they provide to our school.

Teacher - Parkview school

Choice and Consequences Workshop:

Clear impactful session. It was very memorable and something i believe the student’s will talk about it i the future. Was great to see as the students became more comfortable, they became more confident in asking questions. It was a really meaningful workshop, getting to see the reality of poor decisions and consequences of guilt by association. It really opened the students eyes. It was absolutely fantastic, i am really glad i was able to witness this.

Teacher - Crofton Academy

Knives Workshop:

it was a fantastic use of targeted questioning from the onset to encourage students and encourage them to reflect (all students questioned across the session). Excellent presenter who had a massive impact on the group. Fantastic presentation, with excellent engagement from all students.

Teacher- Nottingham University Samworth Academy

You Be The Judge Workshop:

This was a very valuable workshop which allowed the student to gain a new perspective of the UK Law. Many misconceptions addressed which allowed students to reflect on outcomes of their own behaviours. Rev was extremely engaging and personable. It was firm, strong, but both also interesting and caring of the pupil’s opinions. Very strong emphasis on no wrong answers, just valued opinions.

Teacher- Greenwich Free School

Life Sentence:

It was an emotive and thought-provoking workshop. The message the students took away was incredibly powerful and emotional. A brave and selfless volunteer – exactly the type of experience our children needed.

Teacher- Laisterdyke, Leadership Academy

The Red Cross workshop stood out among the others because i felt that it helped me to boost me confidence on helping someone in need of first aid in everyday life. I also talked o my family and friends about the day, and told them how our choices can affect our lives if we choose the wrong decision. I wouldn’t change anything, i just wish there was more time in the day. I loved it!!

Pupil- St. Angela's Ursuline School

Personally, everything that was mentioned in these workshops stood out to me because they are all life saving problems.

Pupil- Beckfoot Upper Heaton

We would like to formally thank Anthony Powell for attending Outwood Academy Newbold on Friday 16th March 2018.

The session was a great success. This was mainly because of the fantastic contribution of Anthony, his energy and humour were a joy to be around. His manner with students was fantastic, the case study was presented with an honesty and humility which helped the students understand how his circumstances were related to their learning in A-Level Sociology. The message and the way it was delivered should be heard by as many students as possible. All were a real credit to both himself and PMNW as an organisation.

Many of the students comments on how much they enjoyed the session, and how the event was extremely fitting for the occasion. I feel the students benefitted from seeing a rea-life application of the topics they learn. The contribution of all involved was so positive that the students did not want to leave at the end of the session!


Assistant Principal- Outwood Academy Newbold

Ex-Prisoner Workshop:

Absolutely incredible story from Anthony. Me and my peers couldn’t stop talking about it all day (and the rest of the week) it was such an amazing experience to be able to hear a first hand account of his life, There was such a good atmosphere as soon as I walked into the room and he made every single one of us feel welcome. I liked the fact Anthony was very open about his past and how he kept saying ‘life is what you make it to be. They say a leopard doesn’t change its spots but as humans, we can change at any given time’. This was my favourite workshop by far!

Pupil- Rushden Academy

Ex Prisoner Workshop:

The workshop in which Antony shared his story was tremendous, he understood how hard it is to be a kid and he expressed that in his speech. He was very open about everything and took any questions we had.

Pupil- Stratford upon Avon High School


This was in fact my best workshop today because it touched my heart to know that prisoners get chucked in Prison for deeds that they didn’t mean to commit. Graham who worked for PMNW talked to us with his head held high and spoke confidently (was also very funny as well).

Pupil- St.Angela's

British Transport Police Workshop:

Robert was really good at telling us what the police force do and explaining what the difference was between a police officer and a support officer. I learnt a lot about the police in this lesson.

Pupil- Stratford upon Avon High School

Cell Van/Prison Life Workshop:

This was such a fantastic experience getting to work with the team, asking questions and the staff made us feel welcome. The staff member ‘Rev’ was amazing and made us all feel very included into group discussions.

Pupil- Rushden Academy


I just wanted to let you know that the St. Bernards event last Friday was amazing.

The Year 10 took so much out of the day and some even went to the head teacher part way through to say how loved they were.

Ian was great as always but the ladies Lisa, Amber and Wendy stole the show with their courage and honesty. They were amazing and many of the kids said that everyone of them should have careers working with young people ahead of them (‘we learnt more from them than teachers’). There were lots of tears but the Year 10 boys in particular were the most affected which is exactly what we wanted.

Teacher- St. Bernards

Graham and the ladies have just left us and what an amazing day. As a school we were blown away by the workshops today that all the students accessed. The girls were so brave and their delivery of personal stories was something to be proud of as I’m sure it’s not easy talking about the sensitive details of their lives.

The students loved it and a lot of them returned for more than one session. Park view school, South Shields definitely gained a lot of knowledge linked to prison and laws today and thank you so much for the opportunity of using Prison Me No Way to get these powerful messages across, it really was an outstanding day that will be remembered for a long time.

Teacher- Park View School

I felt compelled to write to you regarding yesterday’s amazing workshops, which engrossed our Year 9 pupils.

It is often very difficult to include interesting life-skills work within the timetables but you, together with your professional team, sustained the interest of all our pupils for several hours. Each time we changed workshop, i secretly thought that what was to come could not be as good as the previous presentation. I was wrong! There was no weak link: pupils were engaged whether it was by boisterous involvement in the ‘Street Scene’ or simply demonstrating their empathy and understanding by the questions they asked in the AA workshop.

Your staff continued to stimulate and enthuse by using a variety of different approaches and techniques. The diversity of topics, coupled with each very individual presentation, effectively conveyed messages that are essential for our pupils to learn. The inclusion of the three ladies who joined us in ‘Choices and Consequences’ was emotive but also an inspired approach to that particular workshop.

Thank you so much for an inspirational day. My form class loved every minute and, i am sure, learned several valuable lessons from their day.

Teacher- Consett Academy- 30th November 2017

Without fail every teacher at Consett Academy involved was very complimentary of the day and Mr Elsender, Year 9 Achievement Leader, said it was the best ‘Inspire Day’ he had ever been involved in. The Head of Year 9, Mrs Parker said “I would just like to thank everyone for an amazing day. I feel all pupils gained something today that will hopefully make them think twice about their actions. Personally, I was moved by the honesty and open way that the three ladies told their stories. What an impact! Well done again for spending the day with us and spreading your knowledge to my year group. Brilliant!”

Teacher- Consett Academy- 30th November 2017

Cell Van/ Prison Life:

The two funny, charismatic and intriguing ex prison guards delivered a very fun and interesting session which I found really insightful to see how prisoners lived their sentences and how the general environment was, coming from people who had actually witnessed it. This session, I think was helpful to see how many things could happen or go wrong in prison and also the benefits, however few, that could also come out of it. It was so informative and made us see how much we didn’t want to go to prison due to the environments that we were told about. This was definitely a valuable experience, additionally seeing what a prison cell looked like, which was very personal and made you see how being cooped up would feel like for perhaps your entire life. The questions asked were answered brilliantly as well.


Domestic Abuse:

Again, the people delivering the session were really friendly, they taught us different types and facts about domestic abuse which was really interesting to hear about, despite the upsetting side of it. It was clear at the end how perpetrators can be very hard to spot and extremely manipulative. It was good how they kept asking our views and opinions which made the session engaging and enjoyable to take part in. Some statistics were surprising and goes to show what some things can be lead to on both sides of a relationship.

Jamie - Pupil - The Hayling College

I honestly feel like it was a perfect day. Just don’t stop this programme ever, as it was so useful.

Pupil- St Angela's Secondary School, London

Helped to understand that we are always anti-social but to make sure that you don’t disturb other people and do things illegally trying to make yourselves look cool in front of your friends because it will lead to trouble.

Pupil- Bishop Challoner Catholic Secondary School, Basingstoke

I spoke to my mum and dad and I said how fortunate I am to have had a school like Huxlow who brings in workshops for us so we can understand the reality of prison and law also I told them about the ex-prisoner and choices/prisoner because I now know I take things for granted when I shouldn’t.

Everything in the day was really good and you really made it interactive with us and made us look at perspectives we didn’t think we would ever look at. I give you 10/10 and I hope you carry on showing young people like us these amazing workshops.

Pupil: Huxlow Science College, Northamptonshire:

This is the second time we have hosted PMNW, again it has been a tremendously successful day. By that I mean the boys have been educated, interested and for some touched by what they have experienced. One boy who regularly finds himself in bother has commented on his feedback form I need to behave and get the most out of school, something a hundred “telling offs” has not managed to communicate. FANTASTIC.

Teacher: Audenshaw School, Manchester:

I would just like to say that I thought the day was one of the best workshops in my 17 years at Cockburn that I have ever been involved in.

Teacher: Cockburn

Street Scene Workshop-

Valuable insight of the simple origins of criminal behaviour. Valuable insight of the consequences of pupils actions. Pupils were fully engaged and interacted very well with the presentation.

Teacher- Bishop Challenor

Prison Life Workshop-

Excellent delivery. Very informative and very straight forward. Left pupils asking questions and interest of career for themselves.

Teacher- St John Wall

AA Workshop-

Very Valuable. The students have all seriously considered the affects of alcohol and were all very interested by the session. Thank you.

It was really valuable for students to have the opportunity to hear someone speak so honestly.


Teacher- Arthur Mellows Village

Dear Rev,

Thank you for coming to Park View to teach me about prison. It really inspired me to be good because I don’t want to go to prison. We would like to see you again so we can find out more about prison and how it is for young people. Recently I have been making wrong decisions that could lead to juvenile prison if I continued going the way I was. I really enjoyed the talk you had with us at Park View School and would like to see you again. You made me feel like I can change and have a better life, thank you for that.

See you next time you are in school.


Oliver- Pupil-Park View School

Social Media- Excellent knowledge and way of explaining to the children without causing worries or anxiety. Great manner and very helpful. Fab presentation.

Miss Richardson- Teacher- Adswood Primary School

The Day was an amazing success and the praise has come thick and fast from students. I thought it was excellent in ALL aspects and I very much hope we can do the same next year.

Mr McMahon- Teacher (Belmont Shool)

Network Rail- I learnt about the hidden dangers on railway lines, such as electrical rails and fast moving trails etc. This gave me an idea on why there are so many restrictions and fines in place.

Fire service- I learnt about the impact that a hoax call can have on how the fire service functions.

Prison Life- I found out how uncomfortable prison life really is and heard about the kind of person you would be sharing a cell with. I REALLY don’t want to go to prison now.

Matthew, Pupil

Whilst having a past experience with people bringing BB guns out, i have learnt the risks of having a knife or gun in my possession. Police have a split second to establish whether your gun is real or not, therefore, you could be shot on site. I have also learnt that if you are carrying a knife in your bag and it is easily accessible, police will arrest you. Although, if you are transporting a knife for a good reason and it is tucked away and wrapped up, you wont get arrested and the police will let you go. Also, what is quite important with carrying a knife for safety, 3 of 5 knife wounds or even deaths are inflicted from owned property. As it is quite easily snatched and used against you.

Harry-Pupil, Clacton County High School, 16th March 2017

Hi Clifton

Just wanted to say thanks again for your talk to our students today. I honestly thought it was the best external educational session I’ve seen over 17 years of teaching so far. The impact, timing and relevance was huge. Clearly there were some students today who were living in a more risky environment in terms of leading to behaviour that might see them end up in prison. I think they will have been influenced immediately by your work with Rev. It was very powerfully yet sensitively delivered. Your message was captivating.

Most of our students probably don’t see themselves potentially ending up in prison (and thankfully that’s likely the case for most) but I thought your emphasis on life decisions was a potent message that engaged everyone, including myself. Spice (and the like) and marijuana is a big issue in our college and some of the students today are amongst this and have decisions to make about who they mix with and what they choose to do. Believe it or not, we have a couple students on our course that could potentially lead others down the wrong path. It’s something I’m really concerned about personally. Similarly, the story about ending up in prison for making decisions like texting at the wheel or getting involved in gang activities (even on the fringes) was compelling. You really made an impact today! I’m going to try my best to drive your message home with a few of them.

Your delivery was extremely professional and I was surprised to hear you say you’d only been out of prison for 15 weeks. It seems you had been doing it for ages. Your relaxed, honest and humorous (well timed) talk was really engaging. You had the students in the palm of your hand. Indeed a few of the students are interested in criminology and your talk really illustrated the human side of the theory they might have studied at college. The real stories behind something they might read about. Your personal story is inspiring in terms of overcoming adversity and your consciousness of how it impacted others around you.

I hope you don’t mind this feedback. I strongly believe in giving credit where it’s due and think you have a great deal to offer young people. I really hope to see you and Rev working with our students in the future. You were a great team and seemed to bounce really well off each other. Please pass on my utmost thanks to Rev also. He was superb too. Brilliantly engaging, informative and charismatic. Thanks on behalf of the college, the students and the students’ parents; your efforts are much appreciated.

Allen- Teacher: Hillsborough College


I just wanted to send a quick email to thank your team for the amazing afternoon that they provided for the staff and students at my school on Tuesday 28th February earlier this week. We had talks from Barry, Clifton and Rev and they were so inspirational and really opened the students eyes to the world of crime. We had them in as our students are studying crime and punishment as part of their RE GCSE and it really brought their learning to life. Clifton was superb! The students are still talking about him and asking questions about his story. He was humble and so honest with his words and the students appreciated the way he told his story in such a personable way. Rev and Barry were brilliant, they spoke with great humor yet highlighted the seriousness of the topics they covered. The cell van was great and gave the students the first hand experience that they needed.

I will 100% look at getting PMNW back into our school wherever possible. Please pass on my thanks to the three men, they have made many staff and students very happy and it has helped to engage some of our troubled boys with their learning again.

I can’t thank you enough.

Kirsty White

Kirsty White- Teacher, St. Bernards School, Rotherham- 28th February

Choices/Prisoner Workshop – “This workshop was so brilliant that i wanted to do it again and i think everyone was engaged in this workshop. So there was this man called Anthony and he told us about his life as a child to his adult ages to 22, and he told us something which changed my attitude to life and education. “Education is the key to success” when i heard these words it blew my mind and i learnt that if you make good or bad choices, it can and it will affect our future. I really enjoyed this workshop.”

Street Scene – “When we went to this workshop it was amazing because we had so much fun and we participated in this activity. I really enjoyed this man who was making it so much fun with a bit of comedy. His name was Ollie and he was so kind and funny. He told us everything on what might happen if you have alcohol at a really young age and disturbing other people around your area. It was a way of seeing if we understood what was happening and it was a truly amazing experience to us and we all enjoyed it.”

Marjana, Year 7 pupil, Bedford Academy (25th November 2016)

Prison Cell workshop – this was very good as it lets us not only see what a cell looks but what it would be like to eat/sleep and drink in a cell.  It showed me how hard it is in prison. But more time should be given to come up with questions and maybe have a mini quiz of what was in the room back in the classroom to see who was paying attention.

Sohpie, Year 9, William Allitt School 23.1.2017

” STREETSCENE, we learnt that even though you think what youre doing is okay theres a chance theres alot of things wrong . Also that if you wouldnt do it infront o your mum or you wouldnt want to your mum to see you doing it then you shouldnt do it . CEOP -we learnt that its fine to talk to people on the internet just dont trust them or give out personal information because they could use it against you. “

Ellie-Mae (3-4-2016, Pupil)

I’ve been given your contact email address by The Prison Me No Way Tea – I just wanted to pass on some feedback about the day and how we have found it over the years.

It seems to me that days like the one provided by the No Way Trust really are priceless. We have hosted the day for a few years now and it remains an extremely engaging and impactful day, and a unique one – I don’t believe our pupils could get the kind of information and experience on offer with the day in any other way. It also reflects and supports our number one duty as a school – above all else (results, curriculum etc) our primary focus is the safeguarding of the young people in our care.

The impact it has is fulsome. From pupil questionnaires and from talking to pupils, they speak of the day very highly and say that it stays with them for a long time. Older pupils always remember the day from previous years and can recall information, workshop leaders and memories from the day they experienced.

Various pieces of follow up work occur in the curriculum after the day – in PSHE, Geography, Re and Performing Arts. There is no better teaching stimulus than real life. We enjoy the way that the day busts myths about prison life, makes very clear the risks and facts about up to date and highly relevant law and order issues, raises awareness about legal processes and confronts stereotypes of prisoners and those that have committed crime.

The workshop leaders are highly engaging, full of humour and convey a real sense of some unwavering, uncompromising aspects of law and order – the reality of life in prisons and of crime. As someone who has co-ordinated the day on behalf of the school, I’d also like to add how easy it is to organise – the whole package is managed very well by the Prison Me No Way team who co-ordinate with us with a thoroughness and detail which makes hosting the event, to be honest, a breeze.

All in all, an extremely valued and important day in our enrichment programme.

Nick (Hollingworth Academy)

“I just wanted to contact you to say a massive ‘Thank You’ from all the staff and pupils at Northcott, who have experienced Prison Me No-Way! today. Both Rev and Graham were fantastic with the pupils and adapted their presentation for each class, to ensure they met their needs. Both men went out of their way to enable all pupils to access the presentations. The pupils at Northcott School have social interaction and communication difficulties, therefore it was a pleasure and privilege to see what Rev and Graham achieved with the pupils during the sessions. Staff have commented on the ‘social’ achievements of the pupils, testament to how fabulous Rev and Graham were with our pupils.”

Beth Lane (9-5-2016, Assistant Head Teacher -Northcott Special School, Hull)

CellVan/Prison Workshop thoughts: it was very stinky and the way that people said yes about going into the cell van and they were all said that they would never go in there ever again
Q have you talked to your family and friend? yes i said that they should have seen it it was the best thing that i have ever seen in my life i would love to do it again and again and again

Reece (Ormiston School Year 8)

Drugs Workshop: it taught me to not touch drugs
Street Scene: it taught me not to drink at a young age and not b disrespectful

Cell Van/Prison: this was very good because we felt what it would be like in jail but taught to never go in to prison
Q Would you change anything? nothing it was marvelous and extraordinary

Aaron (Ormiston Maritime Academy Year 8)