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Goodbye Nikita!

The No Way Trust is sadly bidding farewell to our YAG Lead Nikita who is leaving the charity after nearly two years.

Nikita started as a volunteer for The Trust while she was serving her prison sentence at Askham Grange woman’s prison, she attended numerous Crime and Safety Awareness Days all over the country and quickly became part of the team! On her release from prison Nikita was employed by Prison Me No Way and she was that eager to get stuck in she started straight away!   

Nikita has brought a great deal of laughter to our team, with her bubbly and fun personality she quickly fitted in to her office role where she took on admin work. Nikita progressed her role further when she attended Crime Days telling her story to schools and how ‘prison life’ has not only affected her but her family too. Still been an active member of the YAG Nikita then took over as the YAG Lead attending meetings/organising fundraising and recruiting new members as well as meeting with high profile people associated with the Charity.

I’m sure that everyone will agree that Nikita will be missed a great deal but we also want to wish her the best of luck in her future!

It’s been an absolute privilege working for Prison Me No Way, my time with The Trust has been amazing and I am so grateful for the opportunity to come straight from prison into employment and even better working for this charity! I have a lot of love for Prison Me No Way and I always will. This Charity has really helped me find myself again after a terrible couple of years for me and the love and support everyone has given me is overwhelming. I will miss everyone so much!”