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Harassment Workshop

Harassment Workshop

On the 20th April, the YAG was given the opportunity to deliver the harassment workshop for the first time at Howden School. It was refreshing to see the workshop in full swing as it has been in the process of getting developed for the past few months, and was an accomplishment to finally have it finished and up and running. The harassment workshop focused heavily on how harassment is the act of systematic and continued uninvited attention, which can affect both males and females. A point in which we felt was vital to get across. As well as addressing the issues within harassment, along with that we wanted to make sure the students were aware of what is considered a healthy and unhealthy relationship. In today’s society, it is important to be able to identify what is and is not a healthy relationship, as relationships are a massive part of peoples lives, which have the power to enrich our lives and give us happiness. Unfortunately, they also have the power to cause us discomfort and misery if not in the right relationship.

Before we went live with the workshop, the YAG collectively had the chance to trial the workshop to various people, both in the office and out in the field. This gave us a chance to ensure the workshop would flow and reach a high standard just like the other variety of workshops that are presented on Crime and Safety Awareness days. It was extremely important for us that we listened to any advice that was given with regards to presenting and the workshop itself.

The workshop was delivered for the first time by three of our amazing YAG members, Sophie, Ben and Jake. For them to have each class under such control was a credit to themselves. The full workshop ran as smoothly as possible considering they were left with very little time to present the full workshop, and therefore had to act on impulse and address the points which they felt were necessary for the students at that particular school. All the students became involved and participated in the tasks that were set, and their contribution to the workshop made it a great environment for everyone.

Overall the day was a success and the workshop was received as well as we had hoped. We wanted to make the workshop as interactive for the students as we possibly could, without deterring away from the vital message we were wanting to portray. The benefit of only presenting twice throughout the Howden Crime Day meant we had the opportunity to make any adjustments that were necessary and learn about how we can adapt the workshop for the future. The harassment and relationships workshop can now only progress further in the future, and we are all excited about the possibilities it brings and what the future of this workshop holds.