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Harrytown catholic high school, stockport

Harrytown catholic high school, stockport


Harrytown Catholic High School, Stockport welcomed the PMNW team for the very first time for a Crime and Safety Awareness Day thanks to the generous support of Stockport Homes.

Following the launch in the Main Hall the whole of Year 9 began their carousel of workshops.

This is what they experienced:-

1). Prison Life – a typical day in prison from reception to ‘lights out’ plus a visit to the mobile cell helped to dispel any myths or misconceptions the students may have had about prison.

Teacher comment: “Students participated very well. Asked appropriate questions. Two officers leading the session were very informative and kept the group engaged throughout. The information and cell activity was hugely beneficial”.

2). Street Scene – discussions around the meaning and consequences of anti-social behaviour were discussed followed by a role-play of the issues raised helped to highlight the problems caused by unacceptable behaviour and how it can so easily develop into criminal behaviour;

Teacher comment: “Relevant – in context of their experiences in school. Thought-provoking – passes responsibility back to the pupils. Good range of topics including alcohol/ anti-social behaviour/ safe online. Excellent link. Joint enterprise – very important for them to understand that.

3). Choices and Consequences – a Q. & A. session involving 3 serving female prisoners from HMP Askham Grange near York.

Teacher comment: “Extremely powerful. Many moments leaving students speechless. Brave women – a fantastic real-life, varied session. Very grateful for their stories and time. Excellent leader!

4). Life Sentence – a highly effective workshop endorsing the tragic consequences of being distracted whilst driving and how a life can be lost in a split second. This was made all the more real by the presenter whose daughter was killed at the age of 19.

Teacher comment: “Very valuable, all students were extremely engaged and were participating. This session made pupils reflect on responsibility and making the right choices, peer pressure”.

5). British Red Cross – discussions and group activities which focussed on exploring the stigma experienced by refugees, asylum seekers and migrants.


Teacher comment: “Gave a broad understanding of why people may be in the Country rather than fixed idea that every ‘foreign’ person is an ‘illegal immigrant’. Gets the students to ask questions rather than just accept on face value”.


6). Fire – real life stories and discussions allowed the students to focus on the dangers of fireworks and how serious injuries could be caused to themselves or others as well as the fact that the strain put upon the Fire Service has a direct effect on other emergency calls putting lives further at risk.


Teacher comment: “Excellent knowledge given to students and also plentiful opportunities to discuss/share Q’s & opinions. Very valuable especially at this time of year!”.



Thanks to the support and planning of the Assistant Headteacher Miss Jacky Cullen every aspect was addressed to ensure the day ran as smoothly and efficiently as possible. This included the reception, IT, catering and site staff to which we were all grateful.

Last but not least thanks to the following for facilitating the workshops:

Prison Life: Pat Tuohy and Dennis Williams;  Street Scene: Ollie Woods and Kath Longstaff;  Choices & Consequences: Ian Revell and the ladies from HMP Askham Grange; Life Sentence: Steve Gough;  British Red Cross: Rachel Simm   Fire: Sacha Girling

Thanks to the students in Year 9 who were a credit to the school as well as themselves. Hopefully they’ll be able to use their new-found knowledge to help make the right choices in life and become good citizens of the future.

Phil Wilson – Crime Day Lead and Director of Community Liaison.