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Hornsea 25/2/19

Hornsea 25/2/19


The PMNW Team and supporting agencies paid their yearly visit to Hornsea school on 25/2/19

Thanks to Lead teachers Miss Parkinson and Miss Markham for their organisation of the school which allowed the day to run smoothly.

The following agencies/PMNW staff attended.


Humberside Fire and Rescue. Thanks to Heather and Martin.

On The Road were represented by David and Damian.

Sandra, Sandra ,Graham and Robin brought their magistrates court into the school.

Thanks to Rev who facilitated the Choices workshop along with the men from Hatfield prison.

Steve facilitated his ever emotive Life Sentence workshop.

Simon and Mike, both serving prison officers facilitated the Prison Life workshop which included a trip to the cell van.

Ben,Neil and Jenny presented the Anti Social Behaviour workshop.

Jess and Jos from the YMCA presented their ‘I’m Possible’ workshop.

As ever Linda did a great job behind the scenes.

We all look forward to returning in 2020


Pat Tuohy. Lead.