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Kingsway Park High School pupils attended Crime Day 9th February 2017

Kingsway Park High School pupils attended Crime Day 9th February 2017


The PMNW team and their partner agencies returned to Kingsway Park High School for their annual Crime and Safety Awareness Day and were given the usual warm and friendly welcome. From the moment we were greeted by the site manager and kitchen staff it was business as usual and everyone ‘mucked in’ to ensure that the day got off to a perfect start.

After the launch in the Main Hall all 219 Year 9 students set off on their carousel of workshops which included;

1). Prison Life – a typical day in prison from reception to ‘lights out’ plus a visit to the ‘eye-opening’ mobile cell facilitated by Ian Revell and Gerry Corns;

2). Street Scene – Ollie and Kath teamed up with Graham Dures and Kevin Johnston from Rochdale Boroughwide Housing to lead the discussions and role-play concerning anti-social behaviour issues that may affect the quality of life of the local community and what consequences may await the perpetrators;

3). Choices and Consequences – A Q. & A. session led by Jane Carr who introduced a serving prisoner from HMP Hatfield. His story highlighted the emotions and thought-provoking realities about how his decisions have had an enormous effect on both his life and that of his family and victims. A very brave thing to do to show the real consequences of crime;

4). Split Second – Malcolm Parkes  gave a ‘no nonsense’ presentation on the effects of how an action carried out on the spur of the moment can result in devastating consequences to all parties. A good session allowing the students to reflect on their own actions;

5). British Red Cross – This workshop focussed on exploring the stigma experienced by refugees, asylum seekers and migrants and allowed the students to use their new-found knowledge to be able to empathise with those who find themselves in this situation.  Thanks to Sandra Maguire for facilitating a session which allowed the students to readily discuss and participate;

6). Network Rail – Nick Jordan highlighted the dangers and consequences of not giving the railway network the utmost respect. The session was enhanced by the fact that Nick was joined by Tom Crosby who gave an account of how he was badly injured as a teenager and was one of the very few lucky enough to live to tell the tale. Excellent interaction with the students kept them engaged.

The day, as always, was concluded in the Main Hall with a chance for the students to reflect on what they had learned in the hope that these important messages could be remembered well into the future to keep themselves, and others, safe and out of the criminal justice system.

Some students were lucky enough to receive a reward for their efforts but all the Year 9’s were a credit to themselves and the school and deserve praise for the respect and attentiveness shown to all the visitors.

Many thanks to the Head Teacher Mrs Ball for once again allowing us into her school for the ninth consecutive year, to the Deputy Head Teacher Mr Parratt for his attention to detail in helping me to plan the event and to the Year Manager Mr Bowers for ‘parading the landings’ and ‘keeping order’ in true prison officer style.

This is a typical example of PMNW, their partner agencies and education working together for the ultimate benefit of the young people and the wider community it serves.

A final word of thanks must go to Rochdale Boroughwide Housing who since 2009 have provided sponsorship without which this type of event in Rochdale may not have reached out to hundreds of students across the borough’s schools.

Phil Wilson – Crime Day Lead