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Newland School for Girls Crime and Safety Awareness Day 26/1/15

On 26th January 2015 Newland School for Girls opened its doors to Prison Me No Way and experienced their first Crime and Safety Awareness day. Patrick Tuohy was the PMNW coordinator working alongside Mrs A Taylor the Deputy Head of Newland School. 146 students participated in the day experiencing the following workshops:-

-CEOP (Child Exploitation Online Protection)



-Prison Life/Cell Van

-Street Scene

-Askham Grange (female serving prisoners)



Please provide anything that was a highlight or inspiring from the day.

The highlight of the day was the professionalism of the PMNW staff in the way they interacted with some of our more challenging pupils. All the workshops i visited had the students totally engaged. I wished they would behave like they did on the crime day everyday of the school week. I am hoping the messages they took away from the day will change some of their behaviours. 

After your experience how was the day coordinated by the Trust?

The day was very well organised. It was our first Crime and Safety Awareness day. I was quite anxious on how the day would run. I had no worries as it ran like clockwork. It was a credit to all staff in attendance.

Do you feel all students attending benefited from the CaSAD?

Pupils in attendance benefited greatly from the day. Even the `problem` girls in the nurture group took so much from the day. I hope that they remember the things they learnt in later life, especially when they have important decisions to make which could affect the rest of their lives.

Mrs A Taylor – Deputy Head.


What are your thoughts on the CaSAD?

It is the first time I have witnessed a CaSAD. I have witnessed teachers giving talks on various subjects however what makes these days so special is the fact that these presenters are from the real world who have witnessed and had experience of their subject matter. This is especially important when trying to get important facts over to very impressionable young people. 

What are your thoughts on the costing per student?

I believe that the cost of a CaSAD is well worth it especially when you cost it per student. I appreciate that school funding is tight but funds should somehow be made available.

Would it be beneficial if CaSAD’s were part of the school curriculum?

I believe that a CaSAD should be included in the school curriculum. As previously mentioned I think that presenters who have first hand experience get the important messages over to the young people.

Mr J Gilbert – Representative of Gail Mettyear High Sheriff of the East Riding of Yorkshire

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Video clip from PrisonMeNoWay on Vimeo.