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Oldham North Academy Crime and Safety Awareness Day 05/11/14

This was the first Crime and Safety Awareness day Oldham North Academy have had and Phil Wilson was the PMNW staff member responsible for the co-ordination of the day. The whole of year 9 along with teachers and head of year 9 Laura Ogden participated in the day. The students were very well behaved, listening and participating in all the activities and were a very polite year group who were a credit to their school.

Laura Ogden Head of year 9 – `The planning and organisation showed, on the day as it ran smoothly`.

Laura Ogden – `All students from year 9 enjoyed the day, their behaviour was a great credit to our Academy. During the sessions the pupils were fully engaged in the topics being raised`.

Alison Leghorn (fire service) – `PMNW are really professional and the Crime and Safety Awareness days are a fab way of putting the message across to lots of children in one day. We enjoy working with the team and look forward to being involved in as many events as possible across the borough`.



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