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PMNW Opens 3 New Regional Offices in England

PMNW Opens 3 New Regional Offices in England

Press Release – PMNW September 27 2008 – I am delighted to announce that from the 1st October 2008 The No Way Trust will in addition to its Hull Headquarters office have added three additional mainland office bases.

1. Nateby near Preston covering the North West managed on a part-time basis by HMP Wymott Officers Martin Young and Dennis Williams

2. Rugby covering the West Midlands managed by Douglas Evans and Moorlands SO Malcolm Parkes

3. Tower Hill, London covering North East, East & South East London managed part-time by HMP Belmarsh Officer Colin Oliver and retired Police Officer Steve Gwynn.

The offices have been provided through a grant from the CYPF Children and Young People’s Fund to assist with the infrastructure development and widening availability of PMNW Crime and Safety awareness Days within those regions.

See the CONTACTS Page for office addresses.

All offices will have regionally sourced part-time administration support.

The opening of these offices will provide a presence and a belonging within the regions that will help attract local investment in support for regional evolution for PMNW. Within three years the intention is that the offices and local activities will become self-sustaining and could act as a model for regional evolution elsewhere in the country.

In addition our valuable volunteers wherever they are based in England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales or the Channel Islands will continue to receive all the support, encouragement and advice they need through the Hull HQ office or from their nearest regional office.

Everyone will benefit from these new office bases and funds generated will bring greater investment for the regional and wider remit of the Trust.

Paul Wilkinson Chief Executive