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Youth Advisory Group

Youth Advisory Group

We have had an extremely busy couple of months, with new volunteers and exciting days planned, the YAG has been in full swing. We have welcomed some new members to the YAG who are a huge asset to the team and developing the YAG and moving it forward. Our YAG members within the schools have been focusing extremely hard on developing a new banner for us that is more exciting and relevant to young people in the generation, and have completed a great job reviewing the new website that PMNW have up and running.

On Tuesday 20th March, we had a fantastic opportunity to visit HMP Humberside Prison and have a tour around the grounds. It was an extremely eye opening day that allowed us to see into a much deeper level. Having the chance to talk to four current serving prisoners was phenomenal and hearing about their life, with no secrets, was one that I am sure we will all never forget. We owe a huge thanks to everyone on that day who made it such a memorable visit.

We have also been fortunate enough to attend plenty of crime days, and even had the chance to visit different areas, and see how the days vary depending on the location of the Crime Day. The staff at PMNW are doing a brilliant job in expressing to students just how important the choices they make in life are, and the consequences their actions can have, a great strength for the organisation.

Another exciting thing we have been working on is our Harassment workshop! We thought it would be the right chance to develop a workshop that focuses solely on the different types of harassment and what makes a healthy and unhealthy relationship. The main reason we have tied these together is because of how important it is to make young people aware. These two issues are those that we feel need to be expressed as it is something the younger generation are having to deal with and encounter considerably more. We want young people to be aware that they are not alone and should not have to deal with a certain type of behavior. We are working towards presenting this workshop at a Crime and Safety Awareness Day very soon… So keep your eyes on the lookout for it!!