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Prison! Me! No-Way! visits South Craven School

PMNW returned to South Craven School, Crosshills near Skipton on Tuesday 14th July 2015 to deliver its annual Crime and Safety Awareness Day for year 9 students.

Students had presentations that included the Prison Dogs Yorkshire Area Search Team Prison Officers from HMP Hull, HMP Lincoln and HMP Askham Grange, North Yorkshire Fire Service, North Yorkshire Police, the SCARD charity, female prisoners, a real prison cell, a life size street set; and a lot more besides. The day was presented in a way that young people were able to explore the impact of crime upon them and their community, the consequences of crime, help them to stay safe and deal with the challenges of modern day life.

Workshops included: –


This scenario was presented by Steve Gough from the SCARD (Support and Care after Road Death or Injury) & CADD (Campaign against Drink Driving) charity. The session focused on being safe on our roads and the impact and aftermath of car crime and accidents.


Bob Brown and PMNW Trustee Mike Read presented a session built upon the PMNW workshop. This was a more detailed session about life in prison and the limited work available whilst serving a prison sentence for minimal pay. There was also some role play with advice on how to avoid being bullied in prison.


Led by Dog Handlers Paul Devonshire and Jez Downing ably supported by their four loyal and trusted companions; this session provided a range of demonstrations that many students were able to get involved with. There was an explanation of how the dogs are trained, why they are required and their ability to find things whilst working inside prisons.


This was an opportunity for young people to meet Prison Officer Graham Holgate from HMP Askham Grange and three female prisoners imprisoned for fraud, conspiracy to supply drugs and wounding with intent. The students were able to question the prisoners about prison life and impact upon them and their families and long term aspirations after custody.


Led by Paul Stephenson North Yorkshire Police this session investigated online and offline safety,            child sexual exploitation, consequences of sexting (sending inappropriate images/video by   mobile/internet etc, etc), bullying, grooming and criminal misuse of IT and a lot more besides.


Jeff Richardson North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service, explored the consequences of Arson and Hoax calls, impact a local school arson attack had had upon the school and community and pressures facing rurally based Fire Services.


Ollie and Kath presented the Street Scene which featured consequences of anti- social behaviour and/or criminal behaviour and the effect this can have in local communities. The Street Scene, consisting of a house, shop and graffiti wall, is where young people got to act out various anti-social situations as both police and offenders.


A life-size replica and fully furnished prison cell brought the reality of prison firmly home. This was supported by lassroom sessions including prison artefacts and clothing providing by two sets of dynamic presenters Prison Officer Leigh Slatcher (HMP Lincoln) and recently retired Dennis Williams (formerly HMP Wymott) and ever young Barrie Thornton and Tony Baker!      


Thanks go to South Craven’s Co-ordinator for the day Karen Higson, Head of Year 9 Chris Bell and all teaching staff involved also Paul Stephenson North Yorkshire Police, Jeff Richardson North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service, Steve Gough SCARD/CADD Charity, Dog Handlers Paul Devonshire and Jez Downing and their four companions, Prison Officers Graham Holgate, Leigh Slatcher and Mike Read and PMNW team members Barrie Thornton, Tony Baker, Dennis Williams, Ollie Woods and Kath Longstaff and behind the scenes staff of Pat Tuohy and Linda Wilkinson ably supported by volunteer Phillipa Longstaff. A truly unforgettable learning day provided for South Craven Year 9’s by a magnificent and enthusiastic team.


Paul Wilkinson

Lead Organiser