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Rugby High School – 17th April 2018

Rugby High School – 17th April 2018

Rugby High School 17th April 2018:


On the 17th April 2018 a Crime & Safety awareness day was delivered to 120 pupils at Rugby High School, the students at the beginning of the day watched a scenario from Warwickshire fire service of a person being cut out of a car that was involved in an accident to show the students what could happen. They then continued to enjoy and engage in several workshops, the magistrates ran a court session where students had to decide what the outcome of a young driver after involvement in taking parents vehicle and ended up in court. Fire service delivered information on arson and common house fire and causes. Street scene on anti-social behaviour, Prison life and what a prison cell looks like, Choices & consequences on how someone can change their life after making the wrong choices and ending up in prison, the effects of what it has on themselves and their families. The students had a great day and stated that they had learnt a lot from the day and hopes that this will help in their future. Warwickshire Police also came to support the day.


Many thanks

To all that supported this great day.

Julie – Lead.