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Seaham Crime Day- 10th July

Seaham Crime Day- 10th July

On Monday, 10th July 2017 the PMNW team returned to Seaham High School, County Durham for the sixth consecutive Crime and Safety Awareness Day but this time to their new school building.

The welcome we received was as warm as ever from Mrs Lisa Evans, the Water Team Leader who once again was responsible for organising the day on behalf of the school. Thanks to her support and that of all her colleagues we were soon ready to greet the Year 9 students in the main hall for the start of proceedings.

On this occasion we were very fortunate to welcome Mr. Hogg the Police, Crime and Victims Commissioner for Durham Constabulary who kindly addressed the audience in the launch adding his advice and words of wisdom to the aims and objectives of the day.

Following the launch in the Hall the Year 9 students began their carousel of workshops which consisted of:

1). Prison Life – a typical day in prison from reception to ‘lights out’ gave the students an insight into the realities of life in prison. Thanks to Dave Bainbridge, Larry Peacock and Dennis Williams for facilitating both the classroom presentation and visit to the mobile cell making the students aware of the true facts whilst dispelling any myths or pre-conceived ideas of prison that the students may have previously held.

Teacher comment – “Excellent session. Very valuable look at the reality of prison life. Dispels myths about life in prison. Thank you to all involved”.

2). Street Scene – Ollie Woods and Kath Longstaff led this workshop and through discussions and role-play were able to demonstrate, with the help of some budding Year 9 actors, how simple incidents of anti-social behaviour could easily deteriorate into acts of crime with serious consequences for both themselves and the victims.

Teacher comment – “Very valuable. Use of street scene really engages students. Humour relaxed students. Social media as a danger, sent out a strong message”.



3). Choices and Consequences – A Q. & A. session delivered in his unique style by Officer Graham Holgate. Three serving female prisoners travelled a considerable distance from HMP Askham Grange near York to share their thought-provoking stories and open up their hearts about how their decisions have had a devastating effect on both their lives, their families and their victims;

Teacher comment – “Very valuable. The use of the real scenarios from the prisoners really put things into perspective for the students. Some really good advice shared”.

4). Hate Crime – PCSO Mark Lumsden gave a presentation on this very current topic. Students were allowed to ‘air their views’ and some perceptions were challenged, adding to the relevance of the debate. It certainly gave them an insight into how the lives of others can be affected by often miss-informed views and opinions.

Teacher comment – “Very interesting. Students seemed fairly unaware of prejudice in previous generations which shows how far society has changed”.

5). Northern Power Grid – Bob Knox used his extensive knowledge of electricity to highlight the dangers associated with misuse and/or disrespect towards an everyday resource that we often take for granted. A much varied learning style approach using different techniques to back up real-life incidents.

Teacher comment – “A very important message showing how easily costly mistakes can be made”.

On completion of the final workshop the students returned to the Hall and prizes were awarded to two students from each ‘wing’ who had shown a high degree of interest and participation on the day. No doubt this was a difficult choice for the teachers as all students were really engaged in the workshops.

Many thanks to the Head Teacher Mr Shield for once again allowing us into his school and to Mrs Evans whose assistance in planning the event meant every detail was covered and led to a trouble-free day.

Thanks also to the IT staff, site staff and the catering department for our buffet lunch.

Finally, my sincere thanks to Mr. Hogg the Police, Crime and Victims Commissioner for Durham Constabulary for his support both on the day and as sponsor of this and other events to which Prison Me No-Way are extremely grateful. This commitment has once again resulted in a quality learning experience for the students in Year 9 that we hope will stand them in good stead for the future.

After another positive experience we all look forward to returning to Seaham High School in 2018.

Phil Wilson – Crime Day Lead