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Senior Management team

Meet the managers

Paul Wilkinson (CEO and Co-Founder)

As chief executive of The No Way Trust, more commonly called Prison Me! No-Way!, my ethos has been never to expect from others what you would not expect from yourself.  This principle has stood me in good stead since I helped to co-found PMNW back in 1993. Like many of those closely involved with PMNW I have worked extensively in the Prison Service, and completed more than 31 years service, mainly at Hull and Frankland prisons.

I am now concentrating solely on evolving the vision we have for PMNW after taking early retirement from the Prison Service in 2010. Our drive is to ensure that PMNW continues to reach out and help more young people to deal with the pressures and challenges today’s modern day society brings: to help keep them safe and free from crime and safeguard them, their communities, and this country’s future. It will also mean fewer lives are wrecked, there are fewer victims and there is more opportunities for young people to become the future aspiring citizens we all desire.

Mike Newell OBE (Executive Advisor)

After a 31-year career in the Prison Service as a Governor and Deputy Governor I was delighted when Paul Wilkinson asked me to join the senior management team at PMNW! Having been involved with Prison Me! No-Way! for many years in many capacities, I am thrilled to be able to contribute to the strategy and planning even though I do not have day-to-day operational responsibilities. 

I have always admired Paul and the fantastic work he and all the volunteers have delivered in providing young people with information about crime to help them make positive choices about their lifestyle. My work with the trust is informed by my experience as Deputy Governor at Hull from 1989 to 1992, Governor from 1996 to 1999 and then as Governor of Durham, where I ended my career.  I was President of the Prison Governors Association between 2000 and 2005. 

Since retiring from the Prison Service, I have been a non-executive director with my local Mental Health Trust and I have been working on a regular basis with the MOJ in China on prison reform. I am married with a daughter, have wonderful grandchildren, and in my spare time I am a 16 handicap golfer who enjoys all sport; my football team is Bradford City.

Stephen Robinson (Executive Advisor)

As a former trustee and chairman, I have been involved with PMNW! since 1999 and now have responsibility for finance, fundraising and evaluation. When I was first introduced to Paul Wilkinson and the work of the trust I quickly realised the passion the trust had for impacting positively on the lives of young people. I offered my services as a volunteer and was given my first job: proofreading the Younger Generations pack.

I do firmly believe that we have to invest our resources into young people, as they are the future of this country. Sandra, my wife of more than 30 years, and I have two adult children, who we have nurtured and assisted to make their own contributions to society.  Helping all young people to stay safe, appreciate their freedom, realise their aspirations and become good citizens is close to my heart.

In addition to my work for the trust, I am self-employed voluntary sector consultant, working as a contracts manager for a charitable consortium in Wakefield. Previously, I was in the financial sector for 30 years, including many years as a regional manager for the Lloyds TSB Charitable Foundation with responsibility for Yorkshire and the Humber.

Malc Parkes (SMT member – National Coordinator)

After leaving school I started work in the family building business, joined the Prison Service in 1986 at HMP Wakefield, becoming senior officer before moving to HMP Moorland. I initially joined Prison Me! No Way! in 1995 as a volunteer then a trustee and in 2008 I was seconded to the trust on a part time and then full-time basis. I now work for the trust full time after taking voluntary redundancy.

As a national coordinator I organise Crime and Safety Awareness Days mainly in South and West Yorkshire and enjoy writing new Crime Day workshops. I also help with other workshops for PMNW! and pick up and support serving offenders from HMP-YOI Hatfield open prison when they deliver workshops. 

While PMNW! Is both a job and a hobby, I enjoy cycling, golf, only gave up playing football two years ago, and love long distance running: I have run more than 20 marathons, several 100-mile races and countless two-day races such as the Karrimor International Mountain Marathon. I have been married to Jean for more than 30 years and have three sons. 

Emma Wray (Office Manager)

Having worked for the trust since 2006, I am passionate about helping young people with the great challenges and anxieties they face in life. I believe everybody has a duty to help, guide and empower young people, to ensure they CAN achieve their goals and aspirations. I enjoy driving the Trust forward in new and innovative ways, which is the hallmark of Prison Me! No-way!

Unlike most of us at PMNW! I haven’t worked in the Prison Service, but I feel I’ve done everything else: from working in hotels to supporting senior level staff at my local NHS hospital.  I have even looked after and trained race horses! My skills are centred around administration, management, problem solving and project management

My motivations lie within the voluntary sector and I have a Foundation Degree in Managing Voluntary and Community Organisations. I am inspired daily by the work volunteers do in their own time and how they impact on individuals’ lives. For me, their work is invaluable, nearly as invaluable as my husband Will and my lovely children.

Anthony Stamford (SMT member)

I joined the Prison Service in 1990, after leaving the Royal Navy, and I have been in the service ever since. The majority of my service has been with adults, however I worked with juveniles at HMYOI Wetherby when I first qualified as a physical education instructor. Now a custodial manager at HMP Hull I was thrilled when I was asked to join the SMT with PMNW! Having been a volunteer for over 16 years, I have seen the impact custody has on young people and realise that prevention is far better than a cure.

I want to help ensure that the work of PMNW reaches the lives of as many young people as possible and assist the trust in meeting the needs of an ever-changing youth culture. A lot of my time is spent facilitating visits to HMP Hull, allowing appropriate groups of young people to see first hand the consequences of involvement in crime. 

I have four children with my wife Kaye, who has always appreciated the work being done by PMNW, supporting my volunteering, even when our children were young. Kaye now works with PMNW as the volunteer coordinator, which means she can appreciate other people’s valuable time commitment.

Martin Windeler (Crime Day Organiser)

Having spent 26 years working in the Prison Service, most recently as a principal officer in healthcare, my main driving force is helping people who have severe mental health problems and to deter people from using legal and illegal drugs.

For 10 years prior to joining the service I worked working as a psychiatric nurse; I have a Level 5 qualification in dual diagnosis and hold a Certificate in the Management of Drug Misuse from The Royal College of General Practitioners. It was an easy decision for me to work for PMNW, whose aims are the same as mine, especially where drugs are concerned. I was in the right place at the right time when the opportunity arose for me to help this tremendous organisation and all its remarkable staff and volunteers.

I have been happily married to Alison for many years and have two great sons, daughter-in-laws and family. Both Alison and I are rugby nuts, union and league, and I have been a Manchester City supporter since the age of 10. I also enjoy cycling and even have a bright yellow, Tour de France style, cycling jersey – XXXL!

Patrick Tuohy (Training Manager and Crime Day Lead)

I joined the PMNW team in October 2013 after retiring from the Prison Service in which I served for 25 years. During my time as a prison officer I also volunteered for the Trust mainly facilitating Drug workshops in local schools. I am the Trusts Training Manager as well as Crime Day coordinator.  I am also the Trust drugs advisor. I am always striving to improve and bring a fresh new look to the Crime Days that have the pleasure to lead.   I continually look for new initiatives so as the keep the young people in the schools engaged.

It is important not to stand still and as such I am always looking for new agency partnerships, inventing new workshops or indeed reinventing or rejuvenating our current workshops. I genuinely believe in what I do and more importantly what the Trust does. We do make a difference.  Ultimately if we can stop just one young person from making the wrong choices then we have been successful. I was honoured to be asked to join the SMT team in 2016.

A post that I am thoroughly enjoying., I will strive to make a difference. It’s good to know that I will be part of a brilliant team of people who will endeavour to drive the Trust forward to up to its 25 year anniversary celebrations in 2018 and beyond. I live with my partner and four little pooches.  I enjoy Rugby League and keeping myself in good shape.  I am also partial to real ales and craft beers.  In moderation of course.

Valerie Whitaker (Educational Advisor)

I am a retired educator. As a senior member of staff in a comprehensive school I supported the delivery of Crime and Safety Awareness Days over a period of 10 years before joining the trust as a member of the Senior Management Team.

Denise Fox (Education consultant)

I have worked in London for approximately 39 years since the start of my teaching career.  I have taught in urban, comprehensive schools, with multicultural intakes with young people facing specific challenges.  I am passionate about education. I believe strongly that children get only one chance at school and that education has the power to change students’ lives for the better. I am currently head of school of a very successful girl’s school in Hammersmith and Fulham.

As a school we have worked with the Prison me no way trust for approximately 13 years. Every year we participate in the Crime and Awareness days which are always extremely successful and enjoyed tremendously by the students. These well planned and creative days offer students real life facts about prison life. Students are treated as young adults and given factual information in an open and non-confrontational way.

The days make them consider the consequences of their action in a non-threatening and thoughtful way and it makes very clear the roles and responsibilities they will face in later life.  I have a strong personal commitment to all achieving success, a desire for social justice and a mission to succeed. These principles are fostered by the Prison me no way trust too, and therefore I was delighted to join the senior management team as an education consultant for the trust.