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Sirius Academy Crime and Safety Awareness day 25/6/15

It was the 25th June And the PMNW team and various agencies arrived at Sirius Academy in Hull.

The day opened with ‘Deans Story’ which certainly gave the year 9 pupils something to think about . Prison dogs Billie and Dobbie bought their trainer Paul along to present the Prison Dog workshop. The pupils particularly enjoyed watching the dogs work. The day as usual ran smoothly thanks to all the staff and agencies who attended including The offender insight with Cam and Jane, Leena and her Northern Power workshop and Becky and John from St Johns Ambulance.

As well as the PMNW staff we also saw four new volunteers take part, Thanks to Steve Cable, Melody Duke, Eddie Tarry and Katrina Gleave. Lets hope we see them again in the future.

Another excellent PMNW Crime and Safety Awareness day!!


One of the dogs at work.