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Skegness Academy 5th May 2016 Crime & Safety Awareness Day

The 5th May 2016 saw the PMNW team pay a visit to Skegness Academy.  We opened the day in front of 189 year 9 pupils.  After opening the day in the auditorium the pupils made their way to their first workshops.


I would like to thank the following agencies who came along to support us on the day.

Dusty and Simon once again presented their EMS TAGGING workshop.  Thanks as always.  Hayley and Vicki presented their NETWORK RAIL workshop. Thanks also to Bob for helping them out. The workshop focuses on the dangers of trespassing on railway property.  IMG_3960

ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS presented their workshop.  Thanks to Phil for giving up his time. A very emotive session.

Thanks to Kath and Ollie for acting out their STREET SCENE, along with some budding young actors. Ian, Graham, Malc and Rev took in turns to run the PRISON LIFE/CELL VAN workshop. Jane and an offender from Hatfield Prison presented the CHOICES workshop. 

Thanks also to Graham for helping out behind the scenes. 

John Maycock, the lead teacher on the day did a fantastic job of organising the day from the schools perspective. 

Finally, my thanks go to Graham Chapman, who although did not lead the day, planned it all out on my behalf. We all look forward to returning in 2017. 

Pat Tuohy.

Training Manager/Crime Day Coordinator.