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St. Anne’s  Academy Crime and Safety Awareness Day

St. Anne’s Academy Crime and Safety Awareness Day


The PMNW team returned to St. Anne’s Academy, Middleton for another Crime and Safety Awareness Day thanks to the tremendous ongoing support we receive from Rochdale Boroughwide Housing which is now in its ninth consecutive year.

The Year 8 students gathered for the launch in the Heartspace before setting off on a carousel of workshops which comprised of:

1). Prison Life – students soon discovered what life in prison is really like from reception to ‘lights out’ as well as visiting the mobile cell. This helped to dispel any myths or misconceptions the students may have had about what really happens in prison;

Teacher comment: “Students captivated and listening from the very beginning. Students answering questions and eager to be involved. Students asking lots of good questions”.

2). Street Scene – PMNW and RBH staffed combined to discuss the meaning and consequences of anti-social behaviour followed by a role-play of the issues raised. This approach helped to highlight the problems caused by unacceptable behaviour as the students played the role of perpetrators, long-suffering householders and Police Officers called to deal with the situation;

Teacher comment: “Informative. Valuable. Interactive. Engaging”.

3). Choices and Consequences –  a Q. & A. session with a difference as 3 serving female prisoners from HMP Askham Grange near York surprised the students when their true identities were revealed as the workshop progressed;

Teacher comment: “Very personable presenter. Engaging and funny. Students were shocked to find the girls were in jail! So powerful”.

4). Life Sentence – emotions ran high amongst teachers and students alike as the reality of how a simple distraction whilst driving can have devastating consequences for not only the driver but an almost endless list of victims as the ‘ripple effect’ becomes ever-more apparent;

Teacher comment: “This was incredible value. Steve was great with the students. The workshop has really made the students think to make the correct decisions behind the wheel. Thank you”.

5). Network Rail – discussions, visual displays and some sobering video footage all combined to highlight the dangers associated with misuse of the railway system;


Teacher comment: “Very engaging and fantastic opportunities for the students to answer some interesting questions. The gentleman delivering the workshop was really interesting and all students were engaged + behaved. The workshop is very valuable and gave students info on the railway that they may not have known about”.


6). Split Second – discussions, group activities and CCTV/video footage brought home to the students how an action carried out without a moment’s thought can have tragic consequences;


Teacher comment: “Very well organised and appropriate to the age group. Engaging and gave them the chance to think about consequences!”.


Many thanks to Mrs Phillips for her attention to detail in planning all aspects of the event which resulted in the day running without a hitch. Also to the teachers, reception, IT, catering and site staff to which we were are all indebted.

Thanks to the following personnel for facilitating the workshops:

Prison Life: Larry Peacock and Dennis Williams;

Street Scene: Ollie Woods and Kath Longstaff;

Choices & Consequences: Graham Holgate and the ladies from HMP Askham Grange;

Network Rail: Nick Jordan;

Life Sentence: Steve Gough;

Split Second: Gerry Corns.

An amazing team doing an amazing job!

Finally, to the students in Year 8 who were a credit to the school as well as themselves. They were respectful, attentive and displayed a mature attitude that will stand them in good stead for the future.

Phil Wilson – Crime Day Lead and Director of Community Liaison