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Tadcaster Grammar School


The PMNW team and their partner agencies returned to Tadcaster Grammar School for their annual Crime and Safety Awareness Day and were given the usual warm and friendly welcome. From the moment we were greeted by the site manager it was business as usual and everyone ‘mucked in’ to ensure that the day got off to a perfect start.

After the launch in the Main Hall all 258 Year 9 students set off on their carousel of workshops which included;

1). Prison Life – a typical day in prison and visit to the mobile cell;

2). Street Scene – discussions and role-play of anti-social behaviour issues that may affect the community;

3). Choices and Consequences – Q. & A. session with 2 serving prisoners from HMP Hatfield.  An emotional and thought-provoking session presented by inmates who appreciate the impact upon young people of sharing how their decisions have had an enormous affect on both their lives and that of their victims;

4). Drugs and Crime – a ‘no nonsense’ presentation on the effects of both legal and illegal drugs and the myths surrounding so-called legal highs.  Ignore this advice at your peril!;

5). Youth Justice Service – a re-enactment of a court scene as would unfold in the Magistrates Court;

6). Fire – the dangers and consequences of not showing fire the utmost respect and associated misuse of the 999 system;

7). Police – a presentation regarding the dangers associated with misuse of social media;

8). Alcoholics Anonymous – honest, frank and open presentation on how the misuse of alcohol has affected the lives of the facilitators and their families;

9). Prison Dogs – A light-hearted but important insight into the crucial role that our canine friends have in keeping us all safe whilst helping to detect illegal substances and bringing the perpetrators to justice.

The day as always was concluded in the Main Hall with a re-cap of what the students had learned in the hope that these important messages could be remembered well into the future to keep themselves, and others, safe and out of the criminal justice system.

Some students were lucky enough to receive a reward for their efforts but all the Year 9’s were a credit to themselves and the school and deserve praise for the respect and attentiveness shown to all the visitors in an environment made all the more difficult due to the hot weather.  Once again we concluded the event with immense respect for the both the students and staff at Tadcaster Grammar School.

Many thanks in particular to Mrs Henson and Mrs Tobin for their usual attention to detail as this was a crucial factor in the smooth-running of the day and to Mrs Binns for her photographs and press article.

This is a typical example of PMNW and education working in perfect harmony for the ultimate benefit of the young people and the wider community it serves.


Phil Wilson – Crime Day Lead and Director of Community Liaison