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The No Way Trust Annual Training Event

The No Way Trust Annual Training Event

The 6th and 7th September 2016 saw the PMNW team, staff and volunteers converge on PMNW Headquarters at the Deep Business Centre in Hull for the yearly training event.

Also invited as special guests were the Electric Monitoring Service (EMS) team consisting of Simon and Dusty, who put on an excellent presentation around their EMS workshop.  Unknown to them, it had been arranged that they received an award in recognition of the support that they have shown to the Trust over the past year or so. To say they were surprised at receiving the award was an understatement.  Thanks guys.  You deserve it.

‘Over the last two years Dusty Miller and I have been working alongside PMNW, talking to children across England about electronically monitored curfew orders.  We both really enjoy our sessions, explaining what EMS does and the restrictions that come with a curfew order!

Last week we attended a training day at the PMNW headquarters in Hull and were delighted to receive a recognition award for our work.  We  were both completely overwhelmed and certainly did not expect it.

We would like to thank everyone at PMNW for their support over the past two years and for giving EMS this award. ‘

Simon Carter & Dusty Miller,  EMS


My thanks also goes to Emma, Abigail and Fiona for facilitating a presentation around the Youth Advisory Group (YAG).  I know Abigail and Fiona were a little daunted at first, having to present in front of some many people but you all did all did a fantastic job. 

Thanks to Kaye for organising logistics regarding accommodation etc.  Not an easy task by any means.

I personally look forward too next year’s event, let’s hope in the intervening year we get a few more volunteers on board to carry on giving the young people a great experience. 

My thanks goes to all who attended.

Patrick Tuohy

Training Manager Crime and Safety Awareness Day lead and Coordinator Substance Misuse Practitioner