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The Youth Advisory Group

The Youth Advisory Group

The Youth Advisory Group has been extremely busy within the last couple of months, being involved in workshops, observations and more importantly having the chance to go into primary schools and speak with year 6 pupils.

Within the last month or so the YAG’S very own workshop, which is based on issues surrounding harassment and relationships has been delivered across the country at a variety of different Crime and Safety Awareness Days. The workshop is continuing to be effective in demonstrating the struggles that go hand in hand with relationships which at secondary school age plays an instrumental part socially, physically and emotionally in the students’ lives. The workshop is constantly progressing and evolving with the aim to provide and deliver a workshop in which the kids can truly engage in, enjoy, but also learn from. It has been great to travel to various cities and see what impact the topics within the workshop has, as well as meet students and staff from different Counties.

Over the last month the YAG team have been visiting primary schools and speaking to groups of pupils regarding the Your Choice Days that have been delivered there previously. The YAG team have also been gathering student’s thoughts on the day and looking into what they remember most, as well as what they liked and disliked about the day. The students, without necessarily knowing, play the most significant role in the development of the Your Choice Days. The last month saw the YAG team travel to both Scunthorpe Primary School and Grange Primary School. The feedback sessions were enormously beneficial for The No Way Trust, as the students were actively involved in the session which were designed to be as interactive as possible to keep the students engaged. The feedback showed us how well the Your Choice Days are going and suggested fresh ideas that the pupils think will progress the days further.