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Training Day Dumfries Prison Scotland 14th May 2014

Well the 13th May had finally arrived and Julie and I were off north of the border to Bonny Scotland. Julie even had her Euros ready as she thought as we were going to a different country and they would be using the Euro!  

Julie was particularly excited to be going to Scotland as she had never been before. The train journey went very smoothly. We travelled through some very picturesque countryside, even going over the viaduct at settle. Very exciting indeed.

The Station Hotel was situated right outside the railway station. Which was probably why it was named the Station Hotel.

It is a grand old place. The rooms were very nice and had a big comfy bed that certainly came in useful, especially after sampling the local beers!

The food was excellent. Julie had haggis two days running as she had never tasted it before.

Brian Alison picked us up at the hotel at eight on the morning of the 14th May and we duly made our way to Dumfries prison.

After getting our ID badges and getting our bags x rayed and chatting to a couple of very friendly female officers, Brian showed us through to our training room.

It was a pleasant surprise to find the room already set up, with the IT equipment already up and running.

Julie and I got ourselves sorted just as the staff started to enter the classroom.

They kept coming and coming and coming. By the time we were ready to start we had 14 students ready to be inducted into the PMNW family!

After the usual domestics we were ready for the introductions.

As soon as the first introduction began (with Jean) we knew were in for a very eventful and fun filled day, whilst still getting the ideals/messages of the trust over to the students.

From the minute we started the course to the end of the day all those involved had a great time.   (This was backed up by the course evaluation sheets we received).

Everyone played their part in it being a successful event.

Julie and I had lunch in the boardroom (sadly no haggis for Julie this time). We had a good chat with the training manager who is keen for those who could not attend this training day to be included in the next one we run.

All the staff who took part in the day gave the impression that they could not wait to get started. They were keen to attend the upcoming crime days in June!

On the evening Julie and I were joined by Brian and Lana (one of the students). Lana reiterated what was said at the end of the course, that they had all enjoyed the event.

Our thanks go to Brain and Lana for showing us the delights of what Dumfries had to offer (well the pubs anyway). I don’t think we missed any out! Julie has even found a new alcoholic beverage.

The day arrived for Julie and me to return to sunny Hull. We both agreed that it had been a very enjoyable experience and that the hospitality shown by all concerned was fantastic. We have made a lot of good friends.

Our thanks go to Brian for his organising at his end. No stone was left unturned in making sure the training day went well.

It will be good to see the staff at the upcoming crime days to reacquaint ourselves.

Scotland here we come.


Pat Tuohy/Julie Seaver.