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Welcome Abigail & the new YAG LOGO!!


My Abigail Jespername is Abigail Jesper; I decided to come back to Prison! Me? No Way! (PMNW) for my university work placement having come here for my year 11 work experience week whilst at Hessle High School two years ago.

I am currently studying at Leeds Trinity doing BSc Forensic Psychology degree and although PMNW is not directly linked to my course, which involves applying theoretical knowledge of psychology to criminal behaviour, (or in easier terms, finding out why criminals commit crime). I believed this organisation would lead me on the right track, as I get to meet ex-offenders and current serving prisoners, in which I can ask them questions giving me an insight into their thinking patterns. Not only can I speak to prisoners but I am also able to talk to prison officers about their time working within the prison service. All valuable knowledge I can take away with me at the end of my placement.


Now Nikita has left the role of YAG lead to pursue her chosen career, PMNW have asked me to take over for the next 5 weeks. My aim while I am here is promote the Youth Advisory Group and recruit more members to join. This is going to be through the use of Crime and Safety Awareness days, contacting schools and handing out leaflets, which are currently in the process of being designed and making!

Additionally, some good news is that the logo Amal designed on her first day, has noYouth Advisory Group Logo June 2016w been finalised after having had a few minor tweaks and will be the new official YAG logo!! What do you think???

I have a short duration of time here, but hopefully I will get the YAG moving forward in no time!

If you are aged between 14 and 24 and want to be a part of our Youth Advisory Group PLEASE get in touch via yag@pmnw.co.uk, or 01482 224382.