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Westmorland Primary School Mini Crime and Safety Awareness Day 27/02/15

On Friday 27th February 2015 the PMNW team descended upon Westmorland Primary School in Stockport for what was the third mini crime and safety awareness day to be sponsored by Stockport Homes.

After our two previous visits to Primary Schools in the area the team were very much looking forward to facilitating workshops for the children in Years 5 and 6 who no doubt are just as much at risk of the dangers and pitfalls of modern society as our more regular audiences in senior schools.

There were four classes in total consisting of just over 100 children from the ages of 9 to 11 years who were totally engrossed in each workshop which covered the topics of Anti-social Behaviour, the dangers they could be exposed to through social media and how road safety is an ever-present danger.  These topics had been highlighted by the school as amongst those which most affected the lives of their communities so the team were happy to be able to use their knowledge and experience in helping to address these issues and assisting the children to keep safe.  We were also able to deliver a workshop called Split Second which brought home the often tragic, life-changing and irreversible consequences associated with making choices without first thinking about what the result of our actions could be. The children also got together in the ‘Booster Area’ before lunch and were given a presentation on the daily routine of Prison Life which included a visit to the mobile cell parked up nearby on the school yard.  This appeared to have the desired effect in highlighting how many of the things they take for granted which could easily be taken from them if they decided to make the wrong decisions and ended up within the criminal justice system, e.g.  Freedom, Choices, Dignity and Self-Respect.

During the finale in the hall the children were keen to answers questions about what they had learned and from their responses we can all be confident that the day had provided an experience which had served to enrich their already impressive curriculum provided by the teaching staff and given them additional life skills.

Thanks to all the PMNW staff who took part in the day as their enthusiastic, professional and friendly approach was a major factor in the pupils having a varied, educational and fun learning experience.  We hope that their new-found knowledge has given them the necessary wisdom and confidence to stand them in good stead in the future.

I would like to personally offer my sincere thanks to the Head Teacher Mr Henderson, Mrs Jamieson the deputy Head and to the class teachers Miss Carter, Mrs Rowlands,  Mrs Williams and Mr Lawler for their support both in the preparation and planning of the day and throughout the event itself.  What a fabulous set of children you have, respectful, polite, enthusiastic and hard-working.  They were a pleasure to work with.

We are all looking forward to the next Primary School experience.

Phil Wilson – Director of Community Liaison.

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