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Who we are


Prison Me! No-Way! is a national educational charity with a core aim of raising awareness among young people about the causes, consequences and penalties of crime.

Our programmes are designed to help 8 to 18 year olds from all walks of life and cultural backgrounds; they are top quality, accessible, flexible, effective and available right across the country.

Set up as a project by prison officers in 1993, PMNW! has operated as the No Way Trust since 1995, and has reached more than 5 million young people through the hard work and sheer determination of its volunteers, staff and trustees.

These original prison officers wanted to make an impact on the lives of young people and turn them away from crime and its consequences using highly innovative educational techniques.

This spirit, desire for beneficial change and belief in a positive, optimistic way forward for the country’s youth is still the heart and soul of the current senior management team, volunteers and trustees.

When it comes to telling the truth and getting its message across constructively, PMNW! certainly takes no prisoners.


Our exceptional volunteer base enables the trust to provide very high levels of service efficiently and cost effectively.

There are hundreds of volunteers across the UK, comprising Prison Service staff and individuals with proven educational skills; people who care passionately for the well being of young people.

We also have many additional and wonderful volunteers drawn from a diverse range of services including, Police, Fire and Ambulance services, youth groups and other agencies and charities.

They have vision, passion, drive, determination and resolve, combined with sincerity, honesty, and dynamic attributes that form the very driving force behind the successful delivery of the entire project.

Over the years, and through a network of volunteer area coordinators, they have helped the charity to make a positive difference to young people’s lives –  irrespective of economic, racial, religious or social backgrounds.

“The people doing the workshops were really fun. They included us in everything instead of just talking at us.” 

– A year 9 pupil at Risdale Community College, Catterick, North Yorkshire


The trust works proactively across the country with more than 2,000 secondary schools and 1,800 other youth organisations. This includes voluntary youth groups, charities, groups of excluded and disaffected young people, pupil referral units, youth offending teams, magistrates, secure units and attendance centres, police, fire and ambulance services.

Our work is widely acclaimed throughout educational fields, particularly in the secondary sector, and since inception of the project, we have worked with and touched the lives of more than 5 million young people.