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Youth Advisory Group

Say hi to YAG

The Youth Advisory Group (or YAG) provides an opportunity for young people to get involved in helping grow the work of Prison! Me! No-Way! from across the UK through social media, school youth councils and regional youth panels.

Essentially, the aims of YAG will be to gather the views and opinions of young people so that the Trust can continue to adapt to the their and society’s changing needs.

The YAG is made up of a young person lead team at HQ known as YAG Hub. This includes YAG lead and Hub operational members, including volunteers, which manage operations and liaise with young people from schools and other groups.

They communicate and gather information from young people from the diverse range of communities across the UK,  managing and acting upon feedback received from young people who have experienced the work of Prison! Me! No-Way!. These experiences include presentations and Crime and Safety Awareness days an help shape future programmes and workshops we provide.

We have already started one incentive and we are going to continue to create new methods in an effort to boost feedback from young people. We will be looking for patterns to emerge from various areas of the country and by doing this we will be able to see if we are missing anything out.

If you want to become a member of the YAG team, then please email yag@pmnw.co.uk with your name, location, age and why you want to get involved.  Please note this is only available to 13-to-25-year-olds.


ben pic

Ben- YAG Lead

Fiona- YAG Lead

Thomas- YAG Hub

Danny- YAG Hub