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Wolfreton School 15th October

The 15th October 2015 the Prison Me No Way Team returned to Wolfreton school.

The day started in the main hall in front of 260 year 9 pupils and The launch saw the introduction of two new and exciting DVD’s.

The pupils were mesmerised to say the least.  As usual the DVD’s were about people making the wrong decisions in life and the consequences of making those decisions.

The gist of the DVD’s were to do with  LEGAL HIGHS which are a big threat to the young people of today. The films told the stories of the people who are left behind due to young people taking legal highs who are no longer with us.

My thanks go to the following PMNW staff.  Barrie, Malc, Kath, Ollie and Bob, Mike Read who is a long standing volunteer was also in attendance. Also Tony who made a welcome return as a volunteer.  My thanks goes to Graham and his girls from Askham prison. The dog team were present with their pooches, Dobbie, Billy, Milo and Bobby. We had 3 new volunteers who are still currently serving as Prison Officers.  Thanks to Steve Cable, Holly Campbell and James Proctor.  Keep spreading the word.  We need more new, younger, current serving staff to come on board as volunteers.

As usual we had a fantastic array of agencies who always add so much to the day. Thank you to Lesley and her Magistrate colleagues.  They were very impressed with their new bench.  Thanks to Bob for making it.

Thanks to Damian and David for their BUSWISE workshop and to Linda and Rebecca for bringing along Annie to facilitate the St John workshop.

As per usual Linda did a brilliant job behind the scenes.

We had two VIP guests Mr Richard and Mrs Carol Hudson who were escorted round the various workshops by Mr Paul Wilkinson, the Trusts CEO.

The finale to the day ended with a bunch of flowers been given to Debbie Vitta by Alison Woods the assistant headmistress of Wolfreton school. Debbie has been the lead teacher on our crime days for a number of years. Debbie is leaving to a have a baby.  Good luck. Our thoughts are with her.

This is our last Crime day on the current Wolfreton site. We look forward to returning next year to a new Wolfreton school. The new build is well on its way.

Once again thanks to one and all.