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Youngsters learn what it is like to be ‘locked up’

YOUNGSTERS in South Derbyshire are being warned off crime in a unique way – by spending time in a ‘pop up’ prison.

Pupils at schools across the district have been finding out what it is like to spend time behind bars as part of the Prison! Me! No Way! initiative.

The scheme, set up by former prison officers, was launched in a bid to show young people what can happen if they follow a life of crime and to show what it is like to stay in a prison cell.

Granville Sports College, in Burton Road, Woodville, was one of the schools which recently took part. A spokesman for the school said: “Year 10 pupils had the opportunity to explore prison and the consequences of bad decisions.

“They then went to a variety of workshops. The ‘street scene’ was an interactive drama where pupils could see how ‘hanging out with your mates’ could turn into anti-social behaviour.

“They also had the chance to look inside a prison cell and see what a prisoner was allowed to have.”

A spokesman for the project said: “The No Way Trust is a national educational charity set up in 1995 by prison officers, after the initial project more commonly known as Prison! Me! No Way! was formed

“These prison officers wanted to have an impact on the lives of young people and turn them away from crime and its consequences using highly innovative educational techniques.

“It provides a quality service to help young people make a success of their lives, using an innovative, fresh approach that encourages a positive decision-making process, designed to reduce or remove the possibility of offending behaviour.

“The aim is to raise the awareness among young people.”