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Youth Advisory Group

Youth Advisory Group

Over the last few months the Youth Advisory Group have had a busy schedule travelling to schools across East and West Yorkshire delivering their own devised workshops aimed at Harassment in relationships. Contending with the recent weather conditions not even the Beast from the East blizzards have prevented the success of Crime and Safety Awareness days making a potential difference to young people’s lives.

The Youth Advisory Group also got the opportunity to take part in the White Ribbon events which is a national campaign to help end domestic violence against women and support victims of this crime. The event gave us a massive insight into the occurrences of the crime as well as the impact on people’s lives. The information that was shared will be used in developing and updating our workshop to make it more successful and hopefully have a greater impact to students when delivering in schools.

Furthermore, another opportunity arose for the YAG group as recently they were able to take an in depth look at the RESPECT workshop being developed at Kingswood Academy. After seeing it for the first time we had a firsthand experience of just how big of an issue it is and the impact it made on the students.  This workshop made it obvious to see how much research, time and effort had gone into the development of the presentation which was needed due to the nature of the topic. The results was that students were very mature and took the issues seriously as well as learning vast amounts of lessons.

Looking towards the future of the Youth Advisory Group we have several aims that we are hoping to achieve such as developing further workshops based about acid attacks which is in the process of being finalized as well as creating one based around mental health, both of which are modern and huge societal issues.